As a food blogger, yes, I have my bread-and-butter Melbourne restaurant and coffee posts, a few recipe posts, and a sprinkling of travel posts. But there’s also an undercurrent story behind everything, and I sense that it manifests within a few posts here and there.

I tend to have an introspective gaze towards the world and things around me. Besides loving food, I also have a fondness for syntax, poetry and words. I acknowledge now that I’m not exactly a maestro with the English language. Still, I enjoy going on a curved path with my posts occasionally when the mood hits me. I feel a slight thrill when these tangential posts get published, but the sad thing is nobody reads them!

Beatrix North Melbourne 6231

These posts often gets lost in my blog archive because they’re often not linked to any specific venue or dish. So, I’d like to push them out of hiding and share them with you here. I’ll also include in here a couple of the more bread-and-butter posts that I feel were written particularly well.

So… with absolute shamelessness, here’s me pimping out my collection of past blog posts and milestones that I’m personally proud of!

Lazy StartSydney 3386

29 Sept 2010 – It has been said that the first post within every blog speaks a lot about what its writer is like. I originally named this post “Imperfect Start” but changed its title later on. This post tells me that a food blog post doesn’t necessarily have to be riddled with pretty pictures to be a nice read.

Where Dinner Table Meets Big Screen

6 Oct 2010 – This post took me forever to complete. Earlier in my blog life, my posts were quite creative. Here, I tried to show how the eating scenes within a movie (Home Song Stories, by Tony Ayres) propels the plot and pulls the story together. The movie revolves around Chinese migrants in Australia, which resonated closely with my own life as a migrant here.

Seat 44K, Fight EK405

25 Dec 2010 – Travel always hits you with a sense of poignancy. I wrote this post right there, inside the plane, enroute to Singapore. It had been nearly two and a half years since my last visit, so it made me think pensively about my life choices and the paths that I’d chosen thus far. Loved, in particular, the last few paragraphs I wrote here.


17 May 2011 – This is one of my few posts which involved poetry. To be honest, it’s hard to find a place for poetry within a food blog, it’s so hard to weave it in! I wrote this short, poignant poem sometime back, but thought it should have some relevance within this blog because the piece revolved around a Chinese meal..

One Year In

29 Sept 2011 – One year can be a scary milestone to many of us. I’m not so much proud of this post (it was mostly fluffy words) as much as what the date actually meant to me. I saw it as a reality check, and a grounding pillar as to which direction I should be headed next. By this point, I sensed my posts were getting more ‘commercial’ and less introspective and personal. I secretly wanted to go back to the way I was one year before.

Market Lane Coffee

1 Nov 2011 – This was my first post where I used poetry to blog about a place. The establishment’s puristic philosophy towards coffee allowed me to language out my growing love for coffees using a series of short, succinct poems. I was so excited when this post got published, but not many people really understood or appreciated the poems.

Myanmar Voyage

27 Dec 2011 – I learnt from my earlier post “Singapore, A Conversation In Pictures” that an effective story can be told using much brevity with words and tons of pictures. Here, I used the same technique to summarise my Myanmar holiday. The travel pictures also looked pretty good, and of course there were pictures of Burmese food!

Middle Fish Thai Cafe  warehousey edgy and authentic

A Blog Housewarming & Retrospective

4 Mar 2012 – This was a major milestone, where my blog was moved from Blogger to WordPress, with its own domain name: In this post, you can see photos of how my blog’s theme and layout evolved from its first months (white words against a wood-panelled background theme) to the minimalist theme of today.

Bad Blog Relationship

16 Mar 2012 – Sadly and ironically, the stress of blog migration killed my desire to continue blogging. This post was a giant rant about that. I really appreciated the supportive comments from friends and readers that followed, it helped me slowly gain interest and momentum back.

Singapore Cuisine, and Fusion in Australia

3 Apr 2012 – An introspective post that dives deeply into the evolution of Singapore food, its classic dishes, and why Singapore (and Malaysian) food in Australia just doesn’t taste the same as back home. And why the fusion (bastardisation) of food in Australia is inevitable.

Live Below The Line (End)

13 May 2012 – Fakegf and I took up the 5-day challenge where we spent less than $2 a day on food to help raise funds for the poor. We lived on lentils, root vegetables and without coffee. This post describes the ending thoughts and observances that I learnt from taking the challenge.

Tipping in Australia

30 Jan 2013 – In this post, I quite simply asked my readers what their tipping habits are like when they dine out. The comments and twitter conversations that ensued were very very lively.

Little Chloe, An Interview

23 Mar 2013 – Something different. Friend of mine opened a cafe from scratch, and instead of blogging about my visit, I turned the post into an interview… asking very nosy questions about the ins and outs of owning a brunch business.

Service Staff Haiku

5 Aug 2013 –  I think service in Australia’s food industry is generally very good, this post has a short haiku that’s dedicated to all service staff.

Is Blog Optimisation Worth It?

8 June 2014 – It’s definitely harder running your own site compared to when I used Blogger as a platform. In the past few years, I’ve made mistakes over some of the technical aspects of blogging and it resulted in a heartbreaking fall in visitors and page views. This post covers some of the lessons that I’ve learnt.

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