I wouldn’t call myself a fantastic cook. However, I do enjoy re-creating those dishes that speaks of home to me. As such, most of the recipes here are pretty Asian… Chinese Singaporean / Peranakan, to be exact. These are dishes that I miss back home. Many of these recipes are actually passed down from mum, so they speak of the flavours of my home. I have candidly sub-divided my recipes into three sections: Asian, Peranakan and Western. I’ve also included a few posts where I’ve chronicled a cooking project (without the inclusion of a recipe), I think they’re still worth a read.


Traditional Chinese Herbs (Basics)

Sweet (甜):

Beancurd-Sheet-Sweet-Soup-3.jpgBeancurd Sheet Sweet Soup 腐竹糖水

Cold-Brew-Jasmine-Tea-6694.jpgCold Brew Jasmine Tea

Konnyaku Fruit Jelly

MooncakeMooncake, Traditional (月餅), Snowskin (冰皮月餅)

Mooncake-Lotus-Paste-Recipe-01.jpgMooncake, Homemade Fillings
Mooncake, Homemade Sugar Syrup
Mooncake, Salted Duck Eggs

Peanut Cookies (花生饼)

Sweet-Potato-Ginger-Soup-1.jpgSweet Potato & Ginger Dessert Soup

Savoury (咸):

Singapore-Teochew-Bak-Kut-Teh-Soup-2554.jpgBak Kut Teh (肉骨茶)

Braised Pigs Trotters (Te Kar)


Chilli Baked Ribs with Garlic & Miso

Chwee-Kueh-Recipe-1154.jpg Chwee Kueh (Rice Cakes)

Indonesian-Gado-Gado-Recipe-0255.jpgGado Gado (Indonesian-style)

Hainanese-Chicken-Rice-Recipe-6676.jpgHainanese Chicken Rice

Chicken-Rice-Chilli-Sauce-Recipe-1.jpgHainanese Chicken Rice Chilli Sauce

Herbal-Chicken-Soup-6852.jpgHerbal Chicken Soup

Lor-Mai-Fun-08.jpgLor Mai Fun (糯米饭 Lotus Leaf wrapped sticky rice)

Lotus-Root-Soup-4.jpgLotus Root Soup (莲藕汤)

Roast Duck

Cantonese-Steamed-Chicken-3584.jpgCantonese Steamed Chicken

Sayur Lodeh (Malay Vegetable Curry)

Steamed Emperor Chicken (not a recipe)

Black-Bean-Spare-Ribs-1.jpgSteamed Spare Ribs w Black Bean

Watercress-Soup-B.jpgWatercress Soup (西洋菜汤)

Xiao Long Bao 小籠包 (not a recipe)


Sweet (Manis):

Ang-Ku-Kueh-2-15.jpgAng Ku Kueh (红龟糕 Red Tortoise Cakes)

Kueh-Bangkit-Recipe-09.jpgKueh Bangkit (Melt-in-mouth)

Pineapple Tarts (7)Pineapple Tarts

Savoury (Garam):

Ayam-Buah-Keluak-Recipe-0160.jpg Ayam Buah Keluak (Shell-free)

Ayam Pongteh (Nyonya Stewed Chicken)

Nyonya-Bakchang-Zongzi-Recipe-2667.jpgNyonya Bak Chang (Recipe)

Nyonya-Bakchang-Dumplings-3281.jpgBak Chang – Nyonya Bamboo Leaf Dumplings (How to wrap them)

Reunion-Dinner-2012-0132.jpgChap Chye (Stewed Vegetables w Fungus)

Itek-Tim-Giam-Chye-Ark-Duck-Recipe-a-.jpgItek Tim (Salted Vegetable Duck Soup)

Laksa Party (not a recipe)

Sambal-Timun-Recipe-0451.jpgSambal Timun (Spicy Cucumber Salad)


Cold Brew Coffee

Hungarian-Goulash-Hearty-Recipe-2753.jpgHungarian Goulash

Eggplant-Mushroom-Moussaka-Recipe-3498.jpgVegetarian Moussaka

Migrant ANZAC Biscuits

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  1. Ailin
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    Hi Fatboo

    Loved your food photography & interesting notes! Do continue posting :) Oz is a great place to stay.


  2. Evelyn Li
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    I absolutely love your food blog. I’m a half Singaporean half Malaysian living in Melbourne with my hubby and two kids. Reading your truly authentic recipes gives me inspiration to cook delicious dishes for my hubby instead of the boring routine dishes I cook all the time. I’ve already made pineapple tarts 3years in a row using your recipe and have given them to friends, childcare carers,etc. It never fails to impress. Please keep on posting recipes for home cooked foods! And btw I love your tips on where to get groceries, and also closely follow your restaurant/cafe blogs to see where we can go for dinner. Thanks for everything!

  3. Therese
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    Oh goodness! I was despairing on ever remembering how to cook some of these dishes from my childhood ever again, especially the bak kut teh. Thanks for putting this online. It’s invaluable for people who want to learn a bit more about Malaysian food and also for those who just want to return to their roots. :)

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