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I’m a retired food blogger who completely ran out of gas in 2015. Life happened… perhaps? Pretty much eat cheaply and cook simple meals at home these days.

But life goes on and there are still stories to share. I will use this platform to share travel photos and sound out some of my musings as and when they bubble out.

If you’re new, thanks for popping by! If you’re a regular reader, thanks for staying with me even after the pathway has turned.

Aug 2016

Down below, have kept the old blurb (published in 2012) just for archiving purposes:

Hello all…

I’m fatboo! This blog began as a whimsical exercise in writing, using food as a central focus. Over time, it got quite fun and, I admit, a little obsessive. You could say I became an ‘accidental foodie’.

I’m a first generation migrant from Singapore who’s in his thirties. I don’t have family here and sometimes think that life in Melbourne can be quite lonesome. So writing the food adventures I’ve had with friends helps keep good memories and a sense of kinship closer to my heart.

I don’t profess to be an expert with food and I remain quite a Singaporean boy at heart, so my taste preferences do have an Asian bias. But I try to keep an open and inquisitive mind. I love how food brings people together. I believe there is a story behind every meal and that’s what I look for when writing my blog entries.

To give you a sense of where I’m at right now, I started this blog humbly, but gained momentum and poetic enthusiasm over the first few years… visiting high profile places and writing lengthy entries. But these days, I’ve scaled things down considerably and it’s now more like a low-key account of my bumbly moments, the cheap eats I’ve discovered, the good company I’m with, the hilarious recipe mistakes I’ve made, and the cheerful brunches I’m loving.

I’ll say it upfront now that these write-ups are just my personal feelings towards an establishment’s service, food and ambience at the time of visit. I believe that food isn’t just about its flavours and textures. It’s very much also about the whole experience… from the service, the people you’re with, to your general mood that day and the circumstances that brought you to that meal. Hence, my posts here (as honest as they are) are not meant to be seen as expert or objective reviews.

All my meals are fully paid for. In the rare event that I was invited and the meal was free, it will be fully disclosed right at the start of that blog post. I’ll still say what I think though, which is a risk that most places that invite bloggers are well aware of.

The easiest way to get updates from me is by providing your eMail address in the subscription boxes on the top right or at the bottom of this page. Your eMail address will be kept confidential and no spam will come from me. Alternatively, you can also get post updates (and LOTS of food porn) via my Facebook and Instagram.

On a final note, I love feedback and comments! Teach me something, share something with me… and remember, it is okay to disagree!

Now, please join my Melbourne-based food journey and let’s get fat together!

Let's Get Fat Together Melbourne restaurants

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  1. Teddy
    Teddy at · Reply

    Very good preface to your food website. It certainly whets the appetite of viewers!

  2. Claire
    Claire at · Reply

    I just discovered your blog and am so glad I did! : )

  3. Claire 2
    Claire 2 at · Reply

    Love your blog

  4. joycee
    joycee at · Reply

    hey fatboo(your nickname doesnt do you much justice :)) i really enjoy your writings and as a foodie myself- i applaud you for a well done web establishment! thanks for sharing your personal and food journey with us.

  5. Michelle
    Michelle at · Reply

    Hello fellow Singaporean in Melbourne! Stumbled across your blog while trying to show someone what a Singaporean would do with a lot of sweet potato (sweet potato and ginger soup) and I’ve spent lunch enjoying your posts.

  6. tinoq russell goh
    tinoq russell goh at · Reply

    i think ur an amazing cook, thank you very much for sharing yr precious time n also for the recipes. im compiling my cook book now they are recipes from my childhood n travels. i have stayed in a couple of cities in asia……… anyway im from singapore n of mix heritage, my mom is thai chinese and dad northern indian.

  7. eden
    eden at · Reply

    aweesoome reviews! amazinng and absolutely gorgeous pictures! thank you very, very much for your posts! please keep them coming!! thnkyouu!!

  8. Melanie
    Melanie at · Reply

    Just found your blog on Gram magazine. I’m so glad! I will be visiting Melbourne soon and will definitely check out your site for recommendations on places to visit.

  9. nique
    nique at · Reply

    Its a lucky morning as I chanced upon your pineapple tart recipe!! A Singaporean looking for pineapple tart recipe and found it in Melbourne… How weird is that? Cos my sister lives there now and I’m sure she’ll appreciate your blog too! I’m longing to visit again and can’t wait to check out the establishments you’ve intro’d.

    Thanks for making my Monday blue’s disappear!!! I’m sure my tarts will come out great!


  10. Tham mama
    Tham mama at · Reply

    I am glad to find our blog when desperately looking for help.i just did my first and a big batch of achar which I had intended to give as CNY gifts. I guess I use too little oil when frying the rempah and it got burnt. It is brown instead of reddish and taste very slightly bitter. I had air dried the vegetables so they do not give out much liquid. the achar is very dry. Is there any way to salvage my achar? Is it still possible to improve the taste and color of the achar? Your advice will be appreciated.

  11. Caro N
    Caro N at · Reply

    I must NOT visit your blog when I am hungry…epic no-no.
    It ALL looks so good!!!!

    Thanks for sharing <3

  12. jocelyn
    jocelyn at · Reply

    Ha! I realised u r fromSg after reading yr latest entry.Me too! and u r heading to sydney just for food …..i’m going there for a weekend in nov & would love to find out where u hv gone so that i could do the same too when i am there. great blog u hv!!!!

  13. Devin
    Devin at · Reply

    I really thought you’re fat but u’re not . But the way you describe foods, I like it ^_^

  14. Jayson Sim
    Jayson Sim at · Reply

    Wow awesome blog. Thanks for the lecture on Chinese herbs!.

  15. Yuxin
    Yuxin at · Reply

    beautifully written!

  16. Malificent
    Malificent at · Reply

    I spotted the word ‘ang moh’ in one of your posts and made a beeline to the ‘about’ section just to confirm my suspicions of you being Singaporean or Malaysian!
    Then there’s the part where I was somewhat surprised to find out you’re not fat after all (a bit of a disappointment, I had a mental image of a jolly, slightly chubby fellow), and *slaps forehead* that’s why they call it a moniker!
    Anyway, great blog you have here – it looks like a real labour of love! I’m an ex-food blogger, originally from Singapore and semi-retired due to work and studies – but still on the lookout for some good eats and food blogs.

    Keep up the great work.

    p.s. love the monikers you give your friends & co, very descriptive! “fakegf”, “theangmoh”. :)

  17. Yixian
    Yixian at · Reply

    Nice site! I just moved to Hokkaido for work in August 2013 and I want to introduce some Singaporean dishes but most of them are so complex with spices unavailable! I came across your Chicken Rice and condiments recipe.. and I suspect.. SUSPECT… it might be doable here! Even the dark soya sauce I bought was different from our Singaporean one! I just cooked chicken rice for the first time today actually, using Asian Home Gourmet:s spice pack….. lol… maybe I will try your from-scratch recipe soon!:)

  18. Ash
    Ash at · Reply

    Interesting site! You take nice pictures too, may I ask which camera are you using? The bokeh’s really nice.

  19. Suppe_zhang
    Suppe_zhang at · Reply

    hi Fatboo, i found mooncake recipe from your blog, thanks alot,,, i hope you are still active in writing your blog, because i decide to read your blog start from now,
    i’m from Indonesia, hope can receive your upgrade of those foods, as you said, food can bring people together, that’s really something for me , thanks alot :)

    keep it up bro

  20. Chewy Fang
    Chewy Fang at · Reply

    Hi! I happen to stumble upon your blog while googling ‘Best beef noodles in Singapore’ and I also happen to read this page – Author Profile and realised you are based in Melbourne. Haa I am a fellow Singaporean Foodie who is about to relocate to Melbourne soon in Feb next year.
    Anyway just wanting to say Hi cos of the coincidence

    1. Chewy Fang
      Chewy Fang at · Reply

      I am so sure this blog will come in super handy when i am in Melbourne!

  21. inlovewithbrunch
    inlovewithbrunch at · Reply

    hi lets get fat together! your blog is so inspiring to me so i’ve nominated you for a liebster blogging award: love ilwb xx

  22. Lin
    Lin at · Reply

    I was looking for a recipe on Chwee Kueh and found yours to be very good as you give tips and I have benefited from them. Hopefully I’ll be successful on my first attempt. Wish me luck and keep up with your good work. I’ll be on the look out for more recipes! Thanks

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