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I’m back…!

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Bee has been urging me to at least use this site to blog about our holidays. While that request is not entirely unreasonable, I still have thousands of unprocessed holiday photos piling up making the effort a little overwhelming. So, firing up my blog editor, I found this brunch cafe had been in my drafts since 14 months ago… so why not finish this first? I suppose it’s a bit of a warm up before I work into the abyss of vacation blogging.

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Piccolo 3.8 (beans from Code Black)

I remember this cafe best from a rather pivotal life moment Bee and I had whilst on our way here.

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Back then, we were midway through considering architect plans to renovate my apartment into a Scandinavian / Mid-Century delight. Big dreams on a shoestring budget… LOL. We planned to move out of Bee’s city one-bedder into my beachside two bedder, and acquire a second car for him to drive to work. Once settled in, we planned to start investing in property to build our nest egg.

I then crunched the numbers and realised these plans involved a lot of over-capitalising. After some researching, I found an alternative which involved quite a bit of a mind shift.

Vincent The Dog Carlton 9674
Chinese Donut filled with melted cheese & topped with shredded pork floss & pickled vegies, side a poached egg 14.9

I was pretty nervous on our drive to our brunch as I broached the topic I had in mind…

Hey… why don’t we rent out a two bedder somewhere that’s walkable to work for you? We can then stay as a one car household and save on buying that second car and its fuel / maintenance costs? We also will save on having to renovate. We can then rent out both our apartments and enjoy abit of extra cashflow!

Vincent The Dog Carlton 9677
Smashed avocado on toast with radish and cherry tomato, add chorizo and dukkah rolled poached egg 15.5

I must’ve sold that idea well, Bee saw that it made perfect sense! It certainly made the breakfast we had here all the more tasty!

And here we are now in 2016… living in a rented apartment with waterviews whilst enjoying rental income from our previous homes. I admit the feeling of wanting to live in your own home and hanging pictures on your own four walls comes and goes in waves, especially after I visit a friend’s lovingly decorated house full of their personality. On the flip side, there’s also an uncanny sense of freedom from not being anchored to a principal place of residence. As long as we can find a job, we can quite simply up and move to anywhere in Australia (or the world even) if we want.

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I’ve pretty much retired from food blogging since mid 2015. But who’s to say I cannot continue as a blogger for other things? A vacation blogger perhaps… or even a whatever-I-want-to-blog-about blogger.

Vincent The Dog remains one of our favourite cafes for breakfast, with a thoughtful menu and good coffee at reasonable prices. There’s a chance that it may very well be the last food place that I blog about… but I’m happy this post has finally come into fruition even if it took more than a year.