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18 Lt La Trobe St
Melbourne, VIC 3000
03 9662 4568
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Anju Korean Bar Melbourne 9497

While Fatbee and I find don’t eat out very much anymore, I’m glad when we do so we’d venture into new spots recommended by our friends.

Anju Korean Bar Melbourne 9498Anju Korean Bar Melbourne 1
Watermelon Mojito 15 | Kiwi Soju (400ml) $20

Anju is located a very short walk down from ChangGo in the CBD’s quietly unknown Lt La Trobe St. We caught up with friends here, having heard that its got nice drinks and quite a buzzy vibe. The watermelon mojito was such a thirst-quenching drink and they were very confident with the alcohol content in the kiwi soju.

Anju Korean Bar Melbourne 9508Anju Korean Bar Melbourne 9492

This visit also happened right after our trip to Japan, and I laughed at how the group cooed over the meticulously wrapped and decorated food parcels that we’d brought back from the trip.

Anju Korean Bar Melbourne 9513
Anju Slider Set 15
Pork Bulgogi, Soft Shell Crab, Beef Bulgogi

The menu here’s does a modern take on Korean bar food. And we started off by snacking on these scrumptious ‘milk bun’ sliders served… the beef bulgogi was my favourite as it came with a slightly spicy mayonnaise.

Anju Korean Bar Melbourne 9515
Deep Fried Lotus Chips served with Lime Aioli 6

The menu here’s designed more for snacking to go along with the cocktails, but I liked how they kept the snacks interesting and tasty. These lotus root chips were lovely.

Anju Korean Bar Melbourne 3Anju Korean Bar Melbourne 9519
ANJU Rice 3 | Grilled Eggplant and Butter Grilled Mushroom with Gosamic Sauce 14
Fried Half Chicken with Anju’s Special Chilli Sauce served with Kimchi Coleslaw and Melon Pickle 26

And for the table of 6 of us… we seriously fought over the pieces of succulent Korean fried chicken! My only personal gripe was the Korean way of covering the crispy fried chicken with the sticky-sweet chilli sauce… but that’s just how they do it.

Anju Korean Bar Melbourne 9522
Squid & Spring Onion Korean Pancake 18

I confess I’m not too big a fan of seafood pancakes because I tend to find the freshness of the seafood a little suspect (read: frozen seafood), but the pancake served here ticked my box in that it wasn’t overly ‘seafoody’.

Anju Korean Bar Melbourne 2Anju Korean Bar Melbourne 9526
Silk Tofu Stew 22
Seafood Broth with Silk Tofu & Seafood 

Charcoal Grilled Pork Bulgogi (up to 2 persons) 32
served with lettuce, apple kimchi and Minstard Sauce

The broth for the seafood silken tofu stew was one of the nicer ones I’ve had in Korean joints, with lots of natural sweetness from the King prawns hidden inside it. We also snacked on grilled pork bulgogi, eaten with mustard and apple kimchi wrapped inside lettuce leaves.

Anju Korean Bar Melbourne 9491

Overall, I liked the drinks and vibe here. The food quality’s good but it tends to be slightly pricier and smaller in portion size compared to the Korean joints that I’m used to visiting. All that said, it’s a great place for friends to catch up and have drinks and snacks in the city.

Anju Korean Bar Melbourne 9489

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