Qua’n 888

Shop 24
Little Saigon Market
63-65 Nicholson St
Footscray, VIC 3011
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Qua n 888 Footscray Little Saigon Market 9607Qua n 888 Footscray 1
Sữa bắp (corn milk) $4.00
Xoa xoa hạt lựu (Da Nang local dessert) 5.00

Fatbee and I love visiting Footscray when we want to enjoy a brunch/lunch landscape that’s quite different from other parts of Melbourne. And for the most part, we follow Lauren’s footpath to see what’s new and where to visit.

Qua n 888 Footscray Little Saigon Market 9592
Gỏi mít trộn $7.00
Steamed Jackfruit with Prawn & Pork skin combination salad

This restaurant is inside Little Saigon Market and it dishes up regional specialities from Central Vietnam. We found the menu exciting in that we struggled to recognise familiar things, and even the dishes that seemed familiar ended up tasting deliciously unique. We started off with a shared serve of steamed jackfruit salad, which came incredibly fragrant with herbs, mixed with crunchy pork crackling, springy yellow noodles and gentle nuggets of young jackfruit.

Qua n 888 Footscray Little Saigon Market 9597
Bún mắm Miền Trung $10.00
Da Nang style shrimp paste vermicelli with Roast Pork & Jackfruit

Fatbee sampled a Da Nang style noodle dish, which we were forewarned that could be an acquired taste because of the pungency of the shrimp paste sauce.

Qua n 888 Footscray Little Saigon Market 9598

But what can I say… we liked it!

In Fatbee’s words… he said “it was strange in a good way”. The dipping sauce reminded us a bit of Penang-style Assam Laksa, and as for the shrimp paste in that sauce… neither of us baulked from it.

Qua n 888 Footscray Little Saigon Market 9602
Mỳ Quảng $10.00
Quang Nam style noodle with Sautéed Pork, Prawn & Quail Egg

I tried a noodle dish that originates from Quang Nam province in Central Vietnam. It came as slippery yellow noodles with a rich prawny-porky broth topped with plenty of herbs. Very nice.

Qua n 888 Footscray Little Saigon Market 9604

I’m glad to see that we’re getting more and more Vietnamese food places in Melbourne that are happy to serve up fiercely authentic regional specialities. Just like Co Thu Quan next door, the food here’s so fascinating and unique that I don’t even feel inclined to travel to Vietnam to sample the fare. It’s now less than 15minutes drive from home!