Faraway Bhutan

Let’s continue with my Bhutan journey from last year. Previously we’d explored the sights around Thimpu and Punakha, then journeyed far east into Bumthang.

Rinchenling Lodge Bumthang Bhutan 5877
Rinchenling Lodge

Here’s the morning view from the second floor window of our lodgings in Bumthang.

Bumthang Bhutan 5883
General Shop & Bar (+ cheeky kids)

We are now 314km away from the start point of our trip in Paro. This would be the furthest that we’d travel into Bhutan.

Jampey Lhakhang Jakar Bumthang Bhutan 5890
Jambey Lhakhang

I liked this part of our trip because the pace was slower and we spent three nights without changing location.

Jampey Lhakhang Jakar Bumthang Bhutan 5894

Less time spent riding the bumpy bus meant that we had more time to mingle about and observe Bhutanese life.

Jakar Bumthang Bhutan 5920

Everything went at a more relaxed pace here… which is how I like it.

Kurjey Lhakhang Bumthang Valley Bhutan 5935
Kurjey Lhakhang

And at almost every site we’d visited, we were just about the only tourists there…

Kurjey Lhakhang Bumthang Valley Bhutan 5929

… in retrospect, it felt pretty surreal.

Bumthang Valley Bhutan 5949

Our guide pretty much veered away from the planned itinerary.

Bumthang Valley Bhutan 5962

And we just followed him, meandering around…

Bumthang Valley Bhutan 5961

… and enjoying the atmosphere.

Tamshing Goemba Bumthang Bhutan 5984
Junior monks preparing prayer candles

The temples and monasteries weren’t big or impressive in Bumthang, but I could sense so much history in them.

Tamshing Goemba Bumthang Bhutan 5981
Tamshing Goemba

This monastery, in particular, left a deep mark in me… its interior had a naturally lit inner chamber that caught my heart so much that I feel thankful I wasn’t allowed to snap a picture of it… because I remember it better in my mind’s eye than in a photo.

Jakar Dzong Bumthang Bhutan 5996
Jakar Dzong

Truth be told, Bhutanese decorative art and architecture follows a strict set of rules. It looks very uniform across its districts.

Jakar Dzong Bumthang Bhutan 6003

But it’s all about perspective… for some it can feel monotonous and repetitive, for others it can feel calming and meditative.

Thangbi VIllage Bumthang Bhutan-6075

The next morning, our guide arranged a visit to a local Bhutanese home in a nearby village.

Thangbi VIllage Bumthang Bhutan 6079

I loved this visit.

Whenever I’m travelling in any country, I’d pass by houses and apartments all the time… and I’d always wonder how day-to-day life would look like inside those homes.

Thangbi VIllage Bumthang Bhutan 6082

So being privvy to this meant a lot to me.

Thangbi VIllage Bumthang Bhutan 6094

With a cryptic ‘OK, follow me’…  our guide led us out of the village…

Thangbi VIllage Bumthang Bhutan 6091

… we walked past wild farmlands…

Thangbi VIllage Bumthang Bhutan 6097

… whilst listening to the village kids singing, from a distance, agrarian songs into the open sky.

Zukdra Lhakhang Bumthang Bhutan 6123

After an hour or so of walking, we climbed up a hill in the middle of nowhere…

Zukdra Lhakhang Bumthang Bhutan 6128

… and ended up here.

Zukdra Lhakhang Bumthang Bhutan 6120

I lost the name of this temple.

But what stayed within me was the memory of being faraway from everything that I knew… sitting silently in a cyan room built against a vertical rock face, facing an altar filled with snack offerings… the plastic packets swollen from the thin air.

Thangbi Village Bumthang Bhutan 6132

Inside the shadows, we watched a monk ritualistically pour local ara into a 7th century wooden bowl as offering.

We then closed our eyes and sat in silence for 10 minutes as the crisp mountain air whispered past our ears.

Jakar Bumthang Bhutan 5916

This morning walk past pastoral villages and unknown temples did not have any jaw-dropping sights to boast about… yet it left the deepest and most lasting insights within me. I’d consider this the highlight of my Bhutan trip.

Chamkhar Town Bumthang Bhutan 6171

Lunch happened in the township of Chamkhar…

Chamkhar Town Bumthang Bhutan 6141

…where we sampled local dumplings, buckwheat pancakes and wild mountain vegetables.

Chamkhar Town Bumthang Bhutan 6183Chamkhar Town Bumthang Bhutan 6184
Chamkhar town

We also had a short stroll around, watching the locals go about their business.

Mebar Tsho Burning Lake Bumthang Bhutan 6167
Mebar Tsho Burning Lake

The day wore on with a slightly longer bus ride to a sacred site called the burning lake, where our guide spent a fair amount of time regaling us with stories.

Amankora Bumthang Bhutan 6218
Amankora Bumthang

On our way back, by request, we visited Amankora Bumthang for evening drinks before we got back to the hotel for dinner.

Amankora Bumthang Bhutan 6210

Aman resorts is a worldwide luxury hotel brand that focusses on sumptuous yet understated simplicity. They gave us a tour of the lodgings offered at the resort…

Amankora Bumthang Bhutan 6203

All I can say is… if I had a bathroom and a view like this, I’d never leave the resort to explore Bhutan!

Thangbi Village Bumthang Bhutan 6133

The best moments of my Bhutan trip were spent here in Bumthang valley, faraway from all the other reaches of the world. But this trip instalment ends here.

In the next and final instalment, we’ll head back to where we began, and embark on our final ascent up Bhutan’s most celebrated temple – Tiger’s Nest.

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