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Kaprica Pizzeria Carlton 6799

This unassuming little restaurant had been sitting in my radar for awhile. It’s consistently packed with diners and I heard it’s known for good, tasty pizzas at friendly prices. Part of the reason why I never paid a visit was because I tend to avoid crowded places… but little did I know that you could book!

Kaprica Pizzeria Carlton 6800

And that’s what happened… Melanie revisited Melbourne for her graduation ceremony and she organised a little gathering of 6 friends here because it’s one of her favourite pizza joints during her student days in 2014. I was more than happy to finally get to dine here.

Kaprica Carlton 1

Kaprica’s a very cosy restaurant with warm-wood tables, friendly waitstaff and menus scrawled on paper and then photocopied. After we ordered, the bread basket arrived. I thought the bread could’ve been softer and served warmer. Ambience-wise, I’ll have to say they played fantastic lounge music that evening… pleasant, not too loud but head-bobbingly catching… slightly reminiscent of Ku De Ta in Bali!

Kaprica Carlton 2
Prosciutto, Salumi 12

We started off with a couple of appetisers. I was slightly disappointed that the buffalo mozzarella with fresh basil and tomato wasn’t available that evening. All that said, this little platter of cold cuts also satisfied.

Kaprica Pizzeria Carlton 6807
Prawns, Chilli, Garlic Panfried 16

The other appetiser was a serve of panfried prawns. While I tend to prefer my cooked prawns to be more ‘meaty’ rather than ‘bouncy’, it was still pretty alright and I enjoyed dipping the breads in garlic-infused olive oil ‘sauce’.

Kaprica Pizzeria Carlton 6808
Mushroom Trio Deluxe Asiago 20

And of course we had to sample the pizzas. This offering of mushrooms was quite nice, although the cooking was a bit uneven where one half of the pizza was more chargrilled than the other half. And maybe I’m being a bit bandwagon-ish… but I thought that having a sprinkle of truffle oil with this pizza would’ve lifted its yum-factor even more.

Kaprica Pizzeria Carlton 6810
Pomodoro Prosciutto Mozzarella, Basil 20

And who could say no to more prosciutto? This pizza was well made…. it had a good crust and I liked most of the ingredients except I’ve been spoilt with the fresh hand-torn buffalo mozzarellas (both local and Italian-sourced) used at D.O.C. Here, it was more cooked and hence more firm-chewy (like in most pizza places) as opposed to fresh, milky-soft and curd-like.

Kaprica Pizzeria Carlton 6812
Gnocchi Pomodoro Buffalo Mozz 20

On the upside, some of the non-pizza dishes were lovely… in particular this pillowy soft gnocchi in a lovingly light fresh tomato sauce. In this case, I didn’t mind the textural contrast of having a bit of chewy (and tasty) mozzarella cheese in this dish.

Kaprica Pizzeria Carlton 6811
Fettucine Clams Garlic Chilli 20

Our final shared main dish was fettucine alla vongole, which had good flavour but was on the oily side for my liking.

Kaprica Pizzeria Carlton 6813
Tiramisu $9

We ended our meal with a lot more wonderful chatting over two shared serves of tiramisu.This dessert was good.

Kaprica Pizzeria Carlton 6801

I think the quality of the food at Kaprica is better than many of the Italian places along Lygon St, and the pricing’s more affordable indeed compared to having a meal at my current benchmark pizza place: D.O.C. (we spent $25 pax at Kaprica).

But over the years, the cost of the pizzas here have risen from $17 to $20 for a large pizza, closing the price gap against DOC where its (slightly larger) pizzas range between $20-$24.9. What this means is I’d rather fork out a few more dollars to have a pizza at D.O.C. because I personally prefer the pizzas there.

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