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240-242 Johnston St
Fitzroy, VIC 3065
03 9415 6420
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Addict Food And Coffee Fitzroy 6798

This brunch session happened shortly after my return from Bhutan, a trip that I’ve yet to even begin writing about! After weeks of oily-salty Asian food, Fatbee, Fakegf and I found ourselves desperate for clean, vegetable-laden Western fare. In short… I missed brunching out in Melbourne so dearly!

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Fresh Market Juice – Watermelon 5.5

That’s how we found ourselves here. This cafe came into prominence in our minds after seeing strings of Instagram photos filled with beautiful brunch dishes. That’s the power of social media… it can cause a lot of damage, but it can also do a lot of good. And I’m glad to say that within the context of food, we’re usually dealing with the good and happy things!

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Single Origin Piccolo 4.3

I can be a bit picky with my coffees, and actually had a cup of Maling Room coffee at home before brunching here. But once I learnt that they used Market Lane beans here (my favourite roaster), I had to have a second cup of coffee.

This single origin Ethiopia Bulga piccolo was a bright and fruity drink with a smooth chocolatey finish, which contrasted nicely with Fakegf’s round-bodied and tasty seasonal blend.  Very nice.

Addict Food And Coffee Fitzroy 6787Potato hash & mushroom duxelles w roasted field mushroom, a poached egg & caramelised onion 18.0

My companions picked the same dish that day – a small but tasty mushroom number served with a crisp and delicate piece of potato hash.

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It was a delicious dish, but for that price point Fatbee thought the serving size was a touch small… he was still hungry after this meal.

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Corn fritters w kasundi, haloumi, poached eggs & a coriander & mizuna salad 18.0

I also went vegetarian with corn fritters that came crisp on the outside and moist on the inside with hints of herbs and spice.

Addict Food And Coffee Fitzroy 6794

It went well with the milky haloumi and I liked how the kasundi sauce and sprigs of coriander gave a light and perky counterpoint to the dish, preventing it from being too filling or heavy.

Addict Food And Coffee Fitzroy 6779

It’s really nice going back into the brunching game in Melbourne. Just being away for two short weeks has made me miss the brunch fare in our fine city so much! This cafe serves good coffee and I think the dishes are well executed too. And now it’s time to hunt for my all-time post holiday craving… grilled asparagus and poached eggs!

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