Wonky Trolley

47 Errol St
North Melbourne, VIC 3051
03 9328 1781

When we’re out of pre-cooked microwaveable meals, on our not-so-lazy nights Fatbee and I would walk into the city for our dinner. On our superbly lazy nights, we’d get food delivered to us using Menulog.

Wonky Trolley Burgers North Melbourne 4877

But how about those in-between nights where we’re somewhat lazy but aren’t in the mood to make that 30 minute trek into town? Well… we basically find places that are within ten minutes walk from home!

On this front, Errol St seems to have the highest concentration of eating spots within nearby walking distance, with the downside that many of the places either aren’t cheap enough, or they don’t quite tickle our fancy. But recently, I’d noticed a new burger joint that replaced Urban Burger along that stretch. We decided to give it a try.

Wonky Trolley Burgers North Melbourne 4878

I think it was the name of the place that caught my eye at the start, it just sounded so cheeky and random. Entering the joint, we scanned the easy-to-read menu of 7 beef burgers, 6 chook burgers, 1 veggie burger and then made our choice. All the burgers are also available as a wrap and you even have the option for gluten free buns.

Wonky Trolley Burgers North Melbourne 4881
Beef, Jalapenos, Cheese, Salad, Relish and Chipotle Mayo

Here’s Fatbee’s pick… a beef burger with hints of spiciness derived from slices of pickled jalapeños. I think there are two types of burgers out there: the old-school ones where it’s all about cheese, bacon, pickles, onions and sauce. And then there’s the healthier, more balanced types with lots of lettuce and veggies like beetroot and pineapples. I’m happy to say that Wonky Trolley’s menu features the latter type of burgers, which is what I prefer.

Wonky Trolley Burgers North Melbourne 4882
Beef, Bacon, Cheese, Egg, Pineapple, Salad, Relish and Aioli

And I got Wonky’s burger with the lot. It was very satisfying with a nice, soft and moist patty of good quality beef layered with fried egg, bacon, lots of salad, sliced pineapple, aioli and relish. The brioche buns were fluffy with a wonderfully soft crust and I liked how they didn’t come all oily on the outside. The whole thing was so juicy that lots of dripping action happened onto my plate, which is one of my yardsticks for how good a burger is.

Wonky Trolley Burgers North Melbourne 4884

I like how Wonky Trolley serves delicious burgers that manages to straddle the fine line between being ‘healthy’ without being too greasy. The pricing leans towards the slightly more ‘premium’ side of things ($10-$13), but the quality is good and the burgers are big enough to be a full meal on its own for me without needing a side serve of chips.

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