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Shop 28G
Melbourne GPO
Postal Lane
350 Bourke St
Melbourne, VIC 3000
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My Melbourne existence often involves exploring what the CBD has to offer, partly because I’m currently living within walkable distance to town. But for some reason, we tend to not explore the newer / trendier spots. Instead of trying out places like Ruyi, Supernormal and Cumulus Up… we tend to end up with familiar places.

Gekkazan Melbourne GPO 5003

Sometimes it’s because we’re not hungry enough to justify spending more on our meals… or it’s because we aren’t in the mood for excitement, with an unspoken preference for places that comfort us with a more “lived-in” ambience. The day when we visited these two spots was an exception though… Fatbee loves his sweets and he popped into Short Stop on our way towards our lunch spot. And being a warmer day, I felt like having a lighter meal for lunch, hence our decision to revisit Kenzan GPO for a Japanese feed.

Gekkazan Melbourne GPO 5007
Special lunch box containing daily specials

Turned out Kenzan GPO no longer exists in that snug little alleyway called Postal Lane next to GPO (which now houses H&M)… it has been renamed into Gekkazan. The concept is pretty much the same though, with a mostly sushi and bento-oriented menu geared towards the weekday lunch crowds. Fatbee picked the day’s bento lunch box special, which was a nicely balanced mix of healthy (and mostly vegetarian) Japanese eats. He enjoyed it.

Gekkazan Melbourne GPO 5009
Wagyu beef & vegetables in sukiyaki sauce, served with rice & daily specials

I went with a donburi, choosing beef because I have a soft spot for the light and slightly sweet sukiyaki sauce. At the price point, I’ll have to say it’s a pretty massive tub of food… I almost could not finish! It was a pretty good feed except the tasty sukiyaki beef was a touch overcooked and the rice was on the soft and clumpy side.

Gekkazan Melbourne GPO 5011

While I wouldn’t rate the food at Gekkazan as the best around, we were satisfied. Presentation was very pleasing and the portion sizes were generous.

Short Stop Donuts Melbourne 2

Short Stop

12 Sutherland St
Melbourne, VIC 3000
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Instagram has been afire with lots of interesting little dessert spots specialising in scrolls, croissants, smoothies, froyo, doughnuts and more. Short Stop piqued our curiosity in particular, they serve Market Lane Coffee here and I hear the donuts tend to be sold out by Midday!

Short Stop Donuts Melbourne 4998

That’s why we popped by here to get our sweets first before going for lunch. And as evidenced by the succinct menu, this was the first time I’d learnt that there can be different types of doughnuts. We took home three types to sample.

Short Stop Donuts Melbourne 3
Peanut Butter & Jam $5.00

For the filled type, we decided we probably can’t go wrong with peanut butter and jam. The bread was half-fluffy and half-dense with a slight stoneground wholemeal texture to it.

Short Stop Donuts Melbourne 5022

I liked how they used real peanut butter instead of a sweet sweet PB icing, and it balanced nicely with the slightly savoury bun and the tart jam filling.

Short Stop Donuts Melbourne 5017
Earl Grey & Rose $4.50

This flavour combination piqued our curiosity and it turned out to be the cake type of donut. Once again, it isn’t your typical light and airy donut, the texture was denser and cakey indeed. The floral hints in it was delightful and I really liked how the tea-infused icing wasn’t too sweet.

Short Stop Donuts Melbourne 5019Australian Honey & Sea Salt $4.50

Our final type was a honey and sea salt scroll that came nice and buttery with a very perky hit of saltiness. In a way, this one reminded me of Chinese you char kway (oil fried dough), but with a stronger sweet and savoury taste to it. We thought this was a weirder donut and I’d have preferred if the honey and salt levels were lighter.

Short Stop definitely offers something very different to what other donut shacks have to offer. There’s a uniqueness to the texture of their donuts and I like how most of their donuts aren’t nauseatingly sweet.