Little Big Sugar Salt

385 Victoria St
Abbotsford, VIC 3067

LBSS Little Big Sugar Salt Richmond 4830

I confess life’s been pretty slack lately. If both Fatbee and I have a day off together (a rare commodity), it’s a case of window blinds down, alarms off and NO PLANS whatsoever for that day. That’s what we did a few weeks ago on a wet and blustery Thursday. We woke up around 10am, lazed about doing nothing, then asked what Fakegf was up to (she had the same day off). Turned out she was having a leisurely solo brunch session at LBSS. We joined her an hour later.

LBSS Little Big Sugar Salt Richmond 4839

This little corner cafe resides in an old shophouse around the bustly stretch of Vietnamese eateries along Victoria St. A bit of a refreshing change from the (already delicious) culinary landscape of banh mis, phos and bun chas.

The open kitchen’s right up the front as you enter, and the seating areas are located in little rooms down a narrow corridor leading to to back. If you’re visiting, you have to check out the bathroom too, trust me… lol.

LBS Little Big Sugar Salt 3
Smoothies $9
Purple Rain | Dr Green

We arrived to find Fakegf all cosied up at a corner table with her laptop and a cup of almond milk coffee. We promptly added to the drinks landscape by having LBBS’s trademark smoothies.

Fatbee’s Purple Rain was made from blueberries, purple kale, ginger and coconut water… bright and healthy. And I picked a green smoothie consisting of spinach, banana, pear, almond milk and a touch of matcha powder. It’s like a healthy banana smoothie… and while I couldn’t detect the matcha, I liked the nuttiness derived from the almond milk.

LBS Little Big Sugar Salt 1

The food menu is partitioned into a four-piece food pyramid that’s named after the cafe. “Little” eats sit at the top while “Big” dishes forms it base, and the middle is sectioned into “Sugar” and “Salt” dishes. It’s quite a cutely thought-out concept.

LBSS Little Big Sugar Salt Richmond 4833
This One $19
A high and mighty pile of healthy, with sticky kumera, cashew cream, kimchi salad, and poached eggs

We became accidental vegetarians that morning, with both of my companions picking this delicious number from the “Big” section of the menu. The caramelised kumera (sweet potato) worked wonderfully in this dish because it was coated in what tasted like soy and honey before being chargrilled into a crispy-sticky delight. Amazing.

LBSS Little Big Sugar Salt Richmond 4836
Keyword: Tasty $15
An avo smash feat. feta, quinoa, kimchi, and a poached egg. 

I had an intriguing dish of smashed avocado and feta topped with a quinoa and kimchi salad. This would be the first time I’d ever encountered Korean kimchi incorporated into a Western-style brunch dish. It worked surprisingly well and the kimchi tasted deliciously homemade.

LBS Little Big Sugar Salt 2

I really liked what they did to the menu at this understated little cafe and I found that it helped fuel my growing love for vegetarian dishes. Fakegf also tells me that they change the menu regularly here, so I think I’m going to be back here pretty soon!

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