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This will be a quick post. I was first introduced to Kitchen Inn about a year or so ago by Lachy, he said the Kolo Mee here’s pretty good. And I agree with him… it’s good!

But it was only on my most recent visit with Fatbee that I finally brought my camera along to document this place. On that note, I’ll have to say (with pride) that I’ve made the photos look so matte and food magazine-like in this post that one could be fooled into thinking Kitchen Inn’s a nostalgic / old-school place ala “In The Mood For Love”.

Please take note that isn’t the case… ha ha!

Kitchen Inn Handmade Noodle Melbourne 1
Kampua Special + Special Soup $15.00 (Regular)
Handmade noodle served with BBQ Pork, Roast Pork and Prawn
Soup served with Pork Ball, Liver, Kidney and Preserved vegetables

All that said, here’s why we come back again and again: for the dry noodles. Fatbee had his Kampua noodles combined with a liver and kidney soup. I hear the style of food here comes from Sarawak, Malaysia, meaning that neither of us have a comparison point for these dishes. But all that said, we loved every bite.

The serve of soup helped provide some moisture into our meals too, and I liked how it wasn’t too salty but thought that the liver was overcooked. I’d have preferred if it was served piping hot rather than lukewarm too.

Kitchen Inn Handmade Noodle Melbourne 3553
Kolo Mee $8.50 (R)
Handmade noodle served with Minced Pork and BBQ Pork

I had a simple but flavoursome bowl of Kolo Mee, featuring minced and BBQ pork. Part of the enjoyment in this dish probably comes from the presence of a delicious scatter of deep fried pork lard. It was such a hefty serve of noodles too for that price point.

We struggled to tell the difference between Kampua and Kolo Mee… but ingredients aside, I think the main difference lies within the sauce. An instagram reader clarified that Kolo Mee has Chinese vinegar in it (which I mistook for tomato sauce…!) giving it a sweet-and-sour push. Kampua noodles on the other hand is more savoury.

Kitchen Inn Handmade Noodle Melbourne 3556

Either way, we leapt at our bowls with gusto. These days, I acknowledge that it’s the simple dishes like these that consistently makes me happy.

Kitchen Inn Handmade Noodle Melbourne 2
Vegetarian BBQ Pork Fried Rice $8.50
Teochew Fried Kueh Teow $8.90

Here’s a couple of takeaways we brought home to enjoy as lunch over the next few days. While they were alright, I’d suggest that one should just stick with the Kolo Mee and Kampua when dining at Kitchen Inn.

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