Balha’s Pastry

761-763 Sydney Road
Brunswick, VIC 3056
03 9383 3944

Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been a bit quieter lately with blogging and my overall online presence. I’ve been ‘busy’ relaxing in Bali for a week last month, then dad and mom visited for a fortnight. And them being them… they stuck with the tried-and-true Melbourne eating spots that they’ve always loved. It meant that I basically spent two weeks without using my cumbersome dSLR.

Interestingly, that had quite an effect on me… I found that I did not miss the entire task of taking photos, editing them and writing up posts. Instead, I found myself just enjoying the moment with my family.

Balha s Pastry Brunswick Baklava 4701
Basmah – Kafayfi pastry, Clotted cream and syrup

Where all this will lead to I do not know quite yet. But just this afternoon, I had a camera-and-phone-free lunch with Fatbee at Pope Joan… it was a liberating experience, not to mention as delicious as always. We continued to explore the Northern suburbs of Melbourne and ended up buying sweets from Balha’s, which is Fatbee’s favourite spot for Middle Eastern pastries.

This gently sweet and crunchy delight was beautiful to teeth into. The clotted cream tasted so light that it actually reminded me of rolled tofu skins and the drizzle of fragrant syrup sealed the deal completely.

Balha s Pastry Brunswick Baklava 4698
Mixed Baklava

It was a very fun experience too… we basically aren’t all that familiar with Middle Easter pastries, but we both know a good baklava when we tasted one. Our ordering tactics involved randomly pointing at what looked pretty, and then going home and swooning with delight over them. And I should add that all these sweets (both the basmah and the box of baklava) only set us back $14!

I’m now looking into being a little less exhaustive and comprehensive with my blog posts, and make it more a personal adventure of what interests and delights me… as opposed to a journalistic account of all the foods I’m eating.

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