Borek & Bratwurst Shop – Queen Victoria Market

Before we start, I’ve got a mini announcement… this post marks my 500th blog post… Woohoo!!

I’d normally HAAAATE traffic & car parking on market days. Then a few weeks ago, I realised something… Queen Victoria Market is but a 10 minutes walk from Fatbee’s home… so why in the world am I not strolling over and doing my groceries there? Without the constraints of driving, it makes perfect sense.

Borek Shop Queen Victoria Market 2894

Borek Stall

Shop 95-96, Deli Hall
Queen Victoria Market
The Borek Shop on Urbanspoon

What started the ball rolling was an Instagram photo of this Borek stall that Winston took. I’d never heard nor eaten Boreks before, so on the same Sunday that Winston shared that pic, Fatbee and I decided to stroll down to QVM finally…

Borek Shop Queen Victoria Market 2898

… for these amazingly cheap $3 lunch snacks!

I loved the throng of people clustered around the stall, manned by ladies with a positively upbeat mojo. Business was swift and brisk, and despite the crowd, we got our fresh-off-the-oven boreks pretty quickly.

Borek Shop Queen Victoria Market 2899 Spicy Lamb Borek $3

And here it is! They’re Turkish pastries filled with minced meat, or cheese and spinach.

Borek Shop Queen Victoria Market 1

These pastries were crispy, fresh, warm and just very lightly seasoned. In the centre, we discovered a light filling of minced lamb, a bit of spice, onions and bell peppers. They’re nice and big pastries for $3 too, although I hear they used to be $2.50 a pop!

Thanks, Winston for showing us the light… I’ll now make this place a lunch snack ritual whenever I’m shopping at QVM.

Bratwurst Shop  Co Queen Victoria Market 2903

Bratwurst Shop & Co.

Shop 99-100, Deli Hall
Queen Victoria Market
03 9328 2076
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Bratwurst Shop & Co on Urbanspoon

Of course just the one borek shared between Fatbee and I wasn’t enough, so we proceeded to another stall nearby for our second lunch snack… German snags!!

Bratwurst Shop  Co Queen Victoria Market 3011

And no, I’m not talking about Sensitive New Age Guys here (although that could be just as yummy), I’m talking bratwursts! This stall is just as busy as Boreks, you just have to creep your way to the front and place your order.

Bratwurst Shop  Co Queen Victoria Market 3012

And before long, you’ll have one of these in your hands. You get to choose whatever toppings you’d like on it and they’re priced at a standard $6.80, although you’ll have to pay a little extra if you want cheese and onion.

The classic accompaniments (if you don’t specify any) consists of tomato sauce, mustard and sauerkraut. I’ll have to comment that the sauerkraut is only very lightly pickled here, it’s almost like cooked shredded cabbage with a dash of vinegar.

Bratwurst Shop  Co Queen Victoria Market 1 Mild Bratwurst | Chorizo $6.80ea

I snacked at this stall over two visits. We didn’t know which bratwurst would be the classic traditional version, so we opted for the mild brat the first time round. It was mild indeed and could’ve afforded more punch and flavour to it. The second time round, I tried chorizo, which was smokier and more enjoyable.

Overall, it isn’t quite as tasty and fabulous as the uh-maaa-ziiing brats that I’ve had in Vienna (take note though that I haven’t been to Germany). But on the up side, I liked the fluffy and stretchy old-school breads that they used here. Still, I’m quite likely to snack here as well when I’m doing my groceries.

Market Lane Coffee Queen Victoria Market-2910

Market Lane Coffee

Shop 73-76, Deli Hall
Queen Victoria Market

Oh, and Market Lane Coffee now has a stall inside QVM’s Deli Hall where Boreks and Bratwursts resides. It’s crazy because Market Lane already has a brew bar on Thierry St just outside less than 100m away. And both venues are just as busy on market days. You may want to peek at a previous post where I’d proclaimed my love for Market Lane Coffee.

Market Lane Coffee Queen Victoria Market- Piccolo $4 (Seasonal Espresso Blend fr. Guatemala)

Here’s a piccolo that I got from there. Aside for the fact that it’s in a paper cup, it’s one very fine cup of coffee… I detected notes of vanilla, cherries and caramel. Delicious!!

Queen Victoria Market Bak Kut Teh 1

And here’s what we came to the market for… to get the ingredients to make Bak Kut Teh at home. We also couldn’t resist some Asian snacks from Minh Phat… these peanut cookies (and any similar Asian sweets) are just so delightful to munch on. Fatbee is seriously making my (already Azn) palate even more and more Asian!

Queen Victoria Market Bak Kut Teh 2

Sadly, the Bak Kut Teh spice packet that I got wasn’t any good. Despite following its instructions (and using less water than suggested) the soup turned out more like Bak Kut Water!! Ha ha ha… I had to swing by my place the next day to pile in more Traditional Chinese Herbs to simmer the soup in before it tasted less bleurgggghy. I should have just made it all from scratch instead of being lazy using spice packets!