Sung’s Kitchen (宋家私房菜)

118 Franklin St
Melbourne, VIC 3000
03 9329 2636

Since we started dating, Fatbee changed his Instagram handle from something Japanese-y into ‘Fatbe3′ (the Instagram name ‘Fatbee’ was taken… damn!). But things got a lot more hilarious when he started giving his good friends blog nicknames as well…

Sung s Kitchen Melbourne 2194

That’s how we ended up having dinner here with FatMoney (who’s a bit on the wealthy side) and FatPumpkin (who’s juuussst a touch plumpy). Their partners came along and it was FatMoney who picked the place.

It’s quite a traditional Chinese restaurant, similar to Pacific Seafood BBQ House but with a more refined menu (and a palpable lack of roast meats.. *cry*). Interesting how I’d never heard about this place before when, after doing some research, it looks like it has been around for more than three years.

Sung s Kitchen Melbourne 2195Tea Smoked Duck 27.00
smoked by Jasmine tea, present a unique smoky flavour

The first thing that arrived was a unique dish of tea smoked duck. The duck came as flattened slices of meat with a top crust of crispy skin, I loved how aromatic and deeply smoked it tasted. This was probably my favourite dish out of the whole night. We should’ve ordered two!!

Sung s Kitchen Melbourne 2197Pork Knuckle with Dates 36.00
slow cook pork knuckle, soften & tenderises texture, present a rich flavour with a balanced richness

Next came a rich and unctuous slow braised pork knuckle dish, which was one of FatMoney’s favourites here. The flesh was nice and fall apart soft, but all that sticky collagen and fat made it lean towards the scary (heartattack!) side. Good for winter!

The presence of red dates in the dish reminded me a bit of those Moroccan tangines with Medjool dates, but this Chinese version did not have pungent spices to balance it, so it ultimately was a bit too sweet for my liking.

Sung s Kitchen Melbourne 2198Stir Fried Snow Pea Leaf with Garlic $24.80

To help balance the previous dish’s decadence, we had a lovely mountainous plate of dou miao (snow pea sprouts) fried in garlic. Amongst all the Chinese veggies, I must admit I’m very partial towards this one.

Sung s Kitchen Melbourne 2199Scrambled egg white with fresh crab meat 29.00

Our final dish was something that should’ve come earlier on in the meal. Scrambled egg white chiffon with crab meat… mix the lone central yolk throughout the whole dish, then sprinkle a bit of the vinegar sauce and enjoy. Very indulgent.

Sung s Kitchen Melbourne 2200

We had a pretty good meal here, and the slightly steeper pricing was balanced out by the generous serves. Without drinks or dessert, the six of us only spent $22 each. But my only gripe about this place was how the seasonings leant towards the heavy side and I got quite thirsty after the meal.

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