3 Days in Paris

Time to share more holiday experiences, this time it’ll be a 3 week trip around France. But before you begin this post, you may be interested in how my parents and I arrived here in style… by flying first class on the A380.

Whoa-my-gosh I still get a kick outta saying that… =D

Paris Le Grey Hotel 4745

Here’s the boutique hotel we stayed at in Paris. Clean, nicely appointed and expensive… but Paris hotels are all scarily pricey anyway.

Paris Musee Du Louvre 4825

We landed early in the morning on Sunday… after putting our bags down, we started exploring the city right away.

The Louvre

Paris Musee Du Louvre 4809Paris Musee Du Louvre 4803

First up, the obligatory visit to The Louvre. Dad knew we had to come early to beat the crowds, and he even researched where to find the back entrance… where the queue’s much shorter.

Paris Musee Du Louvre 1

We didn’t stay long and the crowd got quite annoying. So it was a case of seeing (from a distance) the original painting of Mona Lisa (pictured right… a bit of an A4-sized joke), the statue of Venus de Milo, and a few more exhibits before we hightailed it outta there.

Paris Metro Streets 1

Dad was our tour guide, and our explorations involved a lot of trips in the comprehensive Parisian Metro system… and lots of walking along its streets.

Paris Place Des Vosges 4863 Place Des Voges

Ile Saint Louis

Paris Ile Saint Louis 00694Paris Ile Saint Louis 00702

On this note, I’ll have to say that this is quite a lovely city to just stroll around in… getting lost in its narrow, beautiful streets.

Ile De La Cite

Paris Ile Saint Louis 00707Paris Ile De La Cite 00731

And the locals certainly know how to dine alfresco with style!

Paris Saint Chapelle 00736Paris Tour Eiffel 5009

Tour Eiffel

On day 2, we lined up at the entrance of Eiffel Tower one hour before it opened. Trying to visit the tower at any other time of the day would usually mean hours of waiting in the queue.

Paris Tour Eiffel 5010

By the time the monument opened for business, the queue literally stretched for a kilometre! Glad we did our research, we were the 12th in line. One can’t visit Paris without doing the Eiffel Tower!

Paris Eiffel Tower 1

A series of small creaky lifts took us to the top deck.

Paris Tour Eiffel 5078

And up there in the sky, we got to drink in the sight of this historical city in the morning.

Paris Tour Eiffel 5098Paris Tour Eiffel 5137

I could’ve spent forever up there. But we had to move on… another lift took us down to the middle deck, where the view’s almost just as pretty.

Paris Tour Eiffel 5100 Arc de Triomphe

Paris Tour Eiffel 5154

Paris Tour Eiffel 5148

Mum was very ‘wowed’ by this city.

Paris Cafe Med Ile Saint Louis 5189Paris Cafe Med Ile Saint Louis 5200

I confess I did not research where to eat, so we just randomly strolled into places for our meals. This lunch at a creperie in Ile Saint Louis was surprisingly good.

Paris Champs Elysees 5292

Arc de Triomphe

We continue our tour of the city’s usual suspects tackling the climb up the Arc of Triumph.

Paris Arc de Triomphe 1Paris Arc De Triomphe 5243

Loved the crazy winding stairs to the top. And the view’s once again quite breathtaking. That’s Montmartre in the background.

Paris Arc De Triomphe 5245 Champs Elysees

The Arc is located right at the nexus where many long avenues meet. You could literally see so much of the city from up here.

Paris Arc De Triomphe 5259 La Defense

Paris Trocadero Tour Eiffel 5312


In the late afternoon, we made our way to Trocadero, once again to have a view of the iconic Eiffel Tower.

Paris Trocadero Tour Eiffel 5318

It seems you can be walking anywhere in this city and this magnificent monument can be seen looming in the background.

Paris Verdettes Du Pont Neuf 5389

River Seine Cruise

Paris River Cruise 1Paris Verdettes Du Pont Neuf 5340

Haha… such tourists, but it was actually a very nice way to see more of Paris without walking your ass off.

Paris Verdettes Du Pont Neuf 5378

Paris Bofinger Brasserie 5401

We ended the night with dinner at a traditional brasserie in Bastille, recommended by Mr Frenchman. Sadly, this ended up being the priciest and worst meal out of the entire trip.

Day 3

Paris Museum Rodin Musee Rodin

Paris Musee D Orsay 5485 Musee d’Orsay

Our final day was spent visiting more museums. We were also getting a bit worn out from jet lag, and relaxed in the hotel for a bit after lunch at Galleries Lafayette.

Paris Basilique Sacre Coeur Montmartre 5512

Basilica Sacré Coeur

Paris Basilique Sacre Coeur Montmartre 5523Paris Basilique Sacre Coeur Montmartre 5516

Then we spent our final sunset in Paris up on a hill in Montmartre… visiting the Basilica of Sacre-Coeur.

Paris Basilique Sacre Coeur Montmartre 5522

It was busy there, but still quite beautiful.

Paris Le Petit Lyon 5571Paris Le Petit Lyon 1 Le Petit Lyon

After being burnt at the awful dinner from the night before, we did better research and found a nice little Parisian eatery to dine at. The meal was simple, country-style and very enjoyable.

Paris Pigalle 5555

This ends the Paris instalment of my trip in France. I’m normally not a fan of big cites (Hong Kong and New York included), but there’s something strangely charming about Paris. We definitely did a huge whirlwind tour of all its iconic sights, which was quite tiring. But if I were to revisit this city in the future, I’d spend my time just wandering around its lesser known districts and discovering its hidden secrets.

In the next instalment, we will start venturing into the picturesque countrysides of France, starting with the Loire Valley, Midi Pyrénées and Dordogne Valley.