Operator 25

25 Wills Street
Melbourne, VIC 3000
03 9670 3278

Alright, I’m starting to get a little overwhelmed by my post backlog…! Prior to my bali trip with Fatbee, I was completely up to date… but now I’m lagging behind by nearly two months.

Operator 25 Melbourne 1

Our visit to Operator 25 happened right after we’d returned from Bali back in April. It was my last catch up with my good friend, Ees, before he embarked on a work assignment in Brisbane. On a side note, I heard that the road rules and driving skills of Queenslanders can be quite hilarious (they can’t switch lanes… ha ha!).

Ees originally wanted to brunch at Silo By Joost, but we arrived there that Sunday morning only to discover that it was shut (so much for Urbanspoon being accurate). Plan B popped up swiftly… and we made a snap decision to head for this cafe as a good alternative.

Operator 25 Melbourne 2Piccolo $3.8

In the caffeine department, Operator25 uses Summer Blend (by Code Black Coffee) for their milk-based drinks, and Cartel Roasters for their black coffees. My piccolo came dark and punchy… it was okay, not the best I’ve had, but I’m not keen on Code Black beans anyway.

Operator 25 Melbourne 2148
Breakfast Tortilla filled with Scrambled Egg, Bacon, Aged Cheddar, Herb Oil, Sweet Corn and Black Eyed Beans Salsa $15

Ees feasted on an egg and bacon breakfast wrap that came with lots of pesto and beans, I think he didn’t mind it.

Operator 25 Melbourne 2146
Ricotta and Vanilla Hot Cakes, Poached Pear, Hazelnut, Maple Syrup, “Strudel” Mascarpone $16

Meanwhile, Little Death (Ees’s partner) surprised me when he ordered the hot cakes. I’m so used to him going for the porridge / mueslis when brunching. He enjoyed this offering, and looking at it.. I probably would’ve enjoyed it too!

Operator 25 Melbourne 2150
Balinese marinated Pulled Pork, Coleslaw, Chilli Mayo, Coriander, Fried Shallot on Brioche Roll with Sweet Potato Wedges $20

Fatbee decided to reminisce our days of seaside luxury in Bali by having a pulled pork sandwich that’s marinated Balinese-style. He quite liked it… especially the crisp wedges of sweet potato.

Operator 25 Melbourne 2152
French Omelette on Toast, filled with Smoked Salmon $15

I decided on a moist omelette with sourdough toast and smoked salmon, it was one of those days (especially after a holiday) where you’d just want the comforting basics.

Operator 25 Melbourne 2153

I’ll just be frank and say that this cafe served up an okay brunch experience. But to be fair, you can’t expect each and every spot to nail it exactly like how I like it in the coffee, food and ambience department.

All that said, I think Operator25 stands its ground quite well with the office crowd in the CBD, which looks like the demographic they’re catering for. And speaking of work and offices… I’d like to wish Ees all the best for his job and adventures in Queensland!

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