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I’m amazed how quickly this year is passing by… not to mention how our lifestyles changes slowly but inevitably. Take for instance, a complete slowdown in home-cooking this year.

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My off day now falls on Thursdays ever so often, and even though it may not sync with Fakegf’s rostered day off, we’d still find ways to brunch together. That’s how we caught up in this pretty little cafe close to where she works one Thursday during her lunch break.

Little Tommy Tucker Bentleigh 1Little Tommy Tucker Bentleigh 2Soho Organic Sparkling Raspberry Tea $4 | Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice $7
Prana Chai Masala Blend $4.5

We collectively went on a non-coffee tangent with our drink choices, with Fakegf asking for a curious sparkling tea, and fresh OJ for Fatbee. I’ll have to say that $7 for an orange juice (even if freshly squeezed) was quite steep. I picked a huggably good Prana chai with a wonderful natural honeyed sweetness. Here’s one brand of chai that I’d be looking out for in the future.

Little Tommy Tucker Bentleigh 0551Tommy Tucker Wagyu Burger, Tasty Cheese, Lettuce, Pickles, Mustard, Tomato Relish & Wedges $19

Our catchup happened close to lunch time and we were quite ravenous, hence Fatbee’s unexpected and rather humongous choice of lunch dish (he normally eats less than myself). This burger met with his approval, the patty was juicy with hints of herbs.

Little Tommy Tucker Bentleigh 0552Heirloom Tomatoes, Whipped Goat’s Cheese, Pesto, Poached Eggs $17

Having just flown back from Singapore 5 days before, I had the worst time on my flight with 3.5 hours delay in Singapore and then a 45 min delay on Melbourne Airport’s tarmac before another 3 hour delay waiting for my luggage. On this note, I’m not keen on flying Emirates ever again, they are so damn slow with getting luggage out in Melbourne Airport compared to other airlines. I only exited customs at 3pm despite landing at 11.45am. Ridiculous.

Little Tommy Tucker Bentleigh 0555

The whole Emirates kerfuffle brought me down with a nasty cold that lasted a fortnight, hence this very healthy brunch dish of heirloom tomatoes, poached eggs and micro herbs. It kept me pretty happy with good ingredients, balanced flavours uplifted with a nice leafy-nutty pesto.

Little Tommy Tucker Bentleigh 0549Dr Marty’s Toasted Crumpets w Maple Syrup, Honeyed Ricotta, Macadamia Nuts, Figs 15

Walking in, Fakegf spied a dish with fresh figs, which turned out to be the day’s special of toasted crumpets so teasingly displayed on the blackboard. Sold!

She found the dish ‘charmingly light with a hint of coconut‘ and it could’ve easily passed off as a breakfast or dessert. It looked very pretty and delicious indeed.

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This could well be the first of many places that I’m being introduced to so far down the Bayside area. It’s great to see local cafes so far afield serving up good service, a beautiful ambience and solid brunch fare. I’m looking forward to trying out more of these places recommended by Fakegf.

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