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Today is the ‘chap goh mei‘, the 15th day of the first month in the Lunar calendar. So I thought it’d be fitting to share this CNY related post.

Pappa Rich QV 0766

This visit to PappaRich came about as a faux Tuan Yuan Fan (团圆饭 – eve of Chinese New Year reunion dinner) with Fakegf, her Angmoh, Fatbee and Angela. It’s traditionally a family dinner gathering back in our home countries… a simple meal at home before we go visiting on the first day of Chinese New Year (a very busy and festive day!).

Sadly, we’d all been incredibly busy at work all of January and could not organise a cosier homecooked dinner, so visiting a Malaysian spot late after work was the next best thing we could do. But the fact that we, as friends, got together still meant a lot to us…

Pappa Rich QV 0772MF09 Organic Soya Milk $4.50 | PD06 Tropical Lime (Ice blended lychee and lime with vanilla ice cream)
MF08 Barley Grass Jelly $4.50 | MF19 Teh (Milk Tea) $3.90

I enjoyed this meal probably due to the significance of us just getting together. Loved my tannic-and-rich iced teh tarik (shiok but it gave me insomnia…!) and Angela’s creamy iced blended soya milk drink.

Pappa Rich QV 0775Pappa Rich QV 0778C01 Roti Canai $6.50 – A fluffy and slighty crispy hand tossed bread. This is a vegetarian dish.
C04 Roti Telur $7.50 – Roti Canai with egg throughout the bread 

Fakegf had a late finish at work and arrived slightly after 8pm. Whilst waiting, we had these rotis as entrees. They were crisp, freshly cooked and came with a selection of curries and sauces. Quite enjoyable, although it’s interesting to note that there’s a slight sweetness to the rotis even when they’re a savoury dish.

Pappa Rich QV 0794ST05 Satay Mixed (6pcs) $13.90
3 sticks of chicken satay and 3 sticks of beef satay

We each picked a main dish, but shared a serve of satay amongst us. The chicken satay was nice and succulent, but the beef leant towards the dry and tough side. And we thought the satay sauce could be less sweet.

Pappa Rich QV 0783 R05 Special Nasi Lemak with Curry Chicken & Sambal Prawns $13.90
Our Pappa special Nasi Lemak comes with aromatic coconut milk infused steamed rice served with curry chicken, sambal prawns, fried anchovies, fried peanuts, hard boiled egg, our delicious daily made spicy sambal and cucumber slices

Fatbee had this version of nasi lemak, which he enjoyed.

Pappa Rich QV 0786R16 Nasi Lemak with Beef Rendang $13.90
Our Nasi Lemak comes with aromatic coconut milk infused with steamed rice served with 5 pieces of beef rendang, fried anchovies, fried peanuts, hard boiled egg, our delicious daily made spicy sambal and cucumber slices

The Ang Moh also had nasi lemak, which… hilariously… he did not enjoy because he did not know when he ordered that it’s essentially coconut rice, which he doesn’t like. Ha ha!

In this respect, The Ang Moh and myself are quite similar, we make silly dish choices on occasion simply because we’d forget to read the menu properly! Aside for the rice, the ingredients were alright, although the table collectively thought that the ‘spicy sambal’ was a touch too sweet and unspicy. (The same sambal was used with the rotis)

Pappa Rich QV 0788N08 Pappa Prawn Mee $11.90
Yellow noodles served in our special Pappa prawn broth, served with fresh prawns, hard boiled egg, chicken slices, bean sprouts and water spinach

This dish was one of the meal’s highlights… Fakegf’s rich-and-prawny har mee soup. She was satisfied!

Pappa Rich QV 0790N05 Pappa Fried Maggi Mee $11.90
Wok-fried instant noodles with prawn, tomatoes, potatoes, egg and bean sprouts

Angela also enjoyed her “sour like my face” maggie mee goreng. She made that statement because she had a pretty tough day at work.

Pappa Rich QV 0793N13 Pappa Wat Tan Hor $11.90
Wok-fried combination flat noodles with egg gravy, prawns, fish cake, chicken slices and fried shallots

My wat tan hor did have a hint of wok hei (charcoal ‘breath of the wok’ fragrance) but didn’t quite hit the mark for me. More wok hei and less salt was needed.

I know we sound quite fussy. I find that Singaporeans and Malaysians tend to be quite strict about their own cuisine, so I tend to give these restaurants a little more leeway these days. My meal here was decent, the food came really fast (within 2 minutes!), and most importantly the company was good.

Pps: I told Fakegf that this restaurant could also be called 爸爸有钱 (Dad has lots of money). She didn’t laugh… hmmph! Happy Chap Goh Mei everyone!

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