The B.East

80 Lygon St
Brunswick East, VIC 3057
03 9036 1456

B East 4362

I’ll have to tip my hat to Instagram’s effectiveness in disseminating information and interest in new eateries… one good picture and I’m sold! And indeed, it was through Instagram that I first took note of this place. The name’s catchy and witty (think Brunswick East –> B.East), I liked the typeface, and they serve some pretty mean looking burgers. A visit was imminent.

B East Burgers Brunswick 9394

So Fakegf, The Ang Moh & myself carpooled and made a beeline for B.East the first Sunday of December. Such a colourful interior! It’s a pretty casual place and more often than not, people think of B.East as a watering hole rather than for its burgers.

B East Burgers Brunswick 01

The system is simple. Find a table, the menu’s there, then order at the counter and they’ll give you a number. Except the numbers have been replaced by some rather wacky characters, such as ‘Chicken Man’. I normally don’t really like places with these number systems. But because it’s done tongue-in-cheek here, I found it cute.

B East Burgers Brunswick 9399Sexy 15
Double beef, double cheddar, lettuce, tomato, bacon, BBQ sauce and onion debris

The Ang Moh ordered quite the sexy beast, consisting just about double of everything. He found it juicy, succulent and cheesy… with the only comment that he’d preferred if the beef in the patties were served more rare.

B East Burgers Brunswick 9402Filthy 12 (add fries 3.5)
Mustard fried beef, vintage cheddar, B.EAST chilli paste, pickled red onion, tomato, cos and horseradish aioli

Fakegf got something filthy, and I shared the added serve of fries with her. The little sample that I had of her burger tasted very tangy-spicy, presumably because it’s mustard fried beef. Fakegf, however, found it too sweet and wasn’t all that enthusiastic with this burger.

B East Burgers Brunswick 9406Smoked Beer Can Chicken 13.5
Smoked and pulled beer can chicken, lemon and thyme stuffing, house cranberry sauce and chicken crack

I decided to veer off the burger pathway and try the heroes / po’boys instead. I’d never heard of beer can chicken before, although the Ang Moh assured me that it’s quite the common Aussie BBQ phenomenon. But I was impatient to try it out, especially since it came smoked and I was also curious what in the world was ‘chicken crack’.

First the positives. The pulled chook was delightfully smoky indeed and quite delicious on its own. But overall, I found the sandwich on the dry side, I’d have preferred a softer, fluffier bread and the cranberry sauce was a bit too sweet for me. I also wished it had some veggies in it and the whole kerfuffle about what ‘chicken crack’ was still remained an unsolved mystery.

B East Burgers Brunswick 9392

This was a fun Sunday evening adventure with my food companions, and even if the food that we ordered did not quite hit the mark for us, the atmosphere was nice and the company good. I’m liking this stretch of Lygon St, and there are quite a few restaurants in this vicinity that I’m keen on exploring in the future.

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