Jimmy Grants

113 St David St
Fitzroy, VIC 3065

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Here lies a a tale of quiet friendship on a sleepy Wednesday in Fitzroy. Castletime and I chose to veer away from the usual suspects of Melbourne brunching. Instead why not try George Calombaris’s traditional souvlaki bar?

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It was empty at 11.30am. We marked out spots by the window facing the street and enjoyed the atmosphere, complete with the paired Greek island colours of blue and white.

Jimmy Grants Fitzroy 5village salad / $7.0
cucumber, pearl barley, feta, oregano, mint, coriander

You make your choices from the menu, and then order at the counter. And of course all catchup sessions with Castletime always involves our various gadgets scattered across the table! On this note, I must say I’m quite impressed with the compact Olympus camera, it takes beautiful photos and videos.

Before we enter the land of meat meat meat, here’s an enjoyable cucumber salad that we had with our meal. It was light, clean and seasoned sensibly.

Jimmy Grants Fitzroy 9141mr papadopoulos / $8.0
lamb, mustard aioli, chips, onions, parsley

Of course we had to try Jimmy’s souvlaki in its most traditional format – with lamb. It came snug in that beautifully patterned wrapper.

Jimmy Grants Fitzroy 2

Some of you may baulk at the idea of having fat chips in your souvlaki (that’s how it’s done traditionally), but let me just say that we really enjoyed this. In particular, the flavour of the grilled lamb and the amazingly fragrant pita bread.

Jimmy Grants Fitzroy 4200g free range chicken from the spit / $16.0
with tzatziki and pita bread

Form the ‘plate me up’ part of the menu, your items come deconstructed, giving you free reign to mix and match. (PS: note the 11.30am cider in the background… naughty me, ha ha!) The grilled chicken was tender and seasoned simply but wonderfully… and somehow, the dish didn’t come across as all that ‘greasy or unhealthy’ as compared to the platters you’d get at most souvlaki joints.

Jimmy Grants Fitzroy 9146

And better still, you get TWO pieces of perfectly grilled pita bread! This… I could just about eat it on its own.

Jimmy Grants Fitzroy 9147

To me, here lies a wonderful alternative to brunching with poached eggs and bacon (but mind you, Jim’s open all day till 10pm). My palate felt awakened and delighted by good flavours and a different experience.

Jimmy Grants Fitzroy 6greek doughnuts, walnuts + honey / $6.0

We ended our meal with a generous bowl of crisp-chewy Greek doughnuts doused in sweet sweet honey. I could’ve had it with a cup of tea (like a granny!).

Jimmy Grants Fitzroy 3

My positive feelings towards this place could either be because of:

1) the good company and the beautiful day I had 2) that bottle of cider 3) the food’s actually pretty damn good

But objectively speaking, Jimmy Grants serves fast food, but it’s good (and healthy) fast food. Tasty, fresh and well-priced. I’ll be back… if anything else, just for that amazing pita bread!

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