GG Restaurant

150 Clarendon St
East Melbourne, VIC 3002
03 8415 0411

Disclosure: I dined here courtesy of GG Restaurant

GG Restaurant East Melbourne 9379

Lisa from Virginia Hellier Consulting sent me an invite to dine at GG’s, I glanced at the menu and liked it. That’s how Fatbee and myself ended here on a warm November Tuesday night, in a cosy-modern restaurant facing Fitzroy Gardens. This was a lovely spot to be in in summer, with full length windows open… letting the balmy evening air in.

GG Restaurant East Melbourne 9388GG Restaurant East Melbourne 2

After agonising over what to order, we followed our lovely waitress’s suggestion and decided with the best from the kitchen… ie. the $55 four course menu. But I’ll have to say calling it a four course menu was a bit of a misnomer, each course actually consisted of quite a few dishes…!

GG Restaurant East Melbourne 3GG Restaurant East Melbourne 9370Arancini, mozzarella, parmesan, peas | Compressed watermelon, feta, balsamic glaze
Crab beignets, sesame, coconut, grapefruit

We started off with crisp arancini, then cleansed our palates with cubes of fresh compressed watermelon. I like how the bursts of pine nuts paired with the balsamic glaze. The soft crab beignets really spoke of Summer… with a lovely combination of coconut cream counterpointed with grapefruit… and a light dusting of chilli!

GG Restaurant East Melbourne 4GG Restaurant East Melbourne 9371Celeriac velouté | Olives
Merguez sausage, torn mint, fried garlic and mustard seed vinaigrette

Course one continued with three more items. We loved the shot of celeriac velouté which came clean and not too creamy. The olives came warmed and sprinkled with toasted fennel seeds. And the flavoursome sausages paired very nicely with the sweet sultanas.

GG Restaurant East Melbourne 9377GG Restaurant East Melbourne 9375Original pizza – tomato, mozzarella, basil
Crisp pork belly, apple salad

Course two consisted of pizza in its most traditional form… as a margherita. The crust was crisp and tasty but could be thinner, and the ingredients were good but I prefer the cleaner, milkier mozzarellas used by D.O.C..

The pork belly was the only dish in this meal that was a bit of a let down. We’d have preferred a crisper crackling, and while the pork had good flavour, it was on the dry side and was paired oddly with a sweetish apricot purée.

GG Restaurant East Melbourne 9381GG Restaurant East Melbourne 1Lamb on a spit, slowly roasted over wood and coals
Hand cut chips

But the third course brought us back to a high… spit-roasted rotisserie lamb with chilli flakes and cumin.

This was dee-li-cious!! Fatbee thinks it’s worth coming back here for this dish alone.

GG Restaurant East Melbourne 9385Quinoa, lentils, moghrabieh, toasted seeds and nuts, soft herbs, orange

The lamb came nicely counterpointed with a fruity, nutty quinoa salad. Also very enjoyable.

GG Restaurant East Melbourne 9386Dessert tasting plate

Unlike other tasting menus, the four courses here included dessert… we got a delectable looking tasting plate, consisting of dark chocolate cake in-a-cup, tart pillows of strawberry marshmallow, blood orange macarons and orange profiteroles.

GG Restaurant East Melbourne 9391

Overall, most of the dishes we had in this meal (except for course two) were very good. And if this was any indication of what you’d be getting when you choose to go with the $55 four course meal, then it’s excellent value for diners too. I’d like to thank Lisa from Virginia Hellier Consulting and chef Paul Dunlop for inviting me in. And let’s not forget our buoyantly smiling waitress, Emily, who took care of us very well right through that evening.

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