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This little bloggers’ get-together happened the very first Friday after I’d returned from France, thanks to I-Hua who organised it. We’d planned it as a reverse dinner… where we began with desserts first, before stampeding ourselves elsewhere for savouries.

Luxbite South Yarra 01

That aside, this post is pretty much a gallery of DESSERT PORN!! And what better way to grab your heart than with this vibrant display of boutique macarons? I could see Thanh’s eyes sparkling from all that colour!

Luxbite South Yarra 03Meringue Monster $8.50
Green tea sponge, pistachio, watermelon yoghurt, sour strawberry mousse, meringue

You should’ve seen everyone’s look of utter surprise when they found out that this was my first visit to Luxbite… they were flabbergasted! Slacking with my dessert coverage duties!

Luxbite South Yarra 02Caramel Cravings
Caramel lovingly placed between winning chocolate and coconut base
Opera Style ‘Green Tea Cheesecake’ $8.50
Green tea Joconde, Japanese rice wine, pistachio ganache, cream cheese, salted green tea crumble

First order of the day once we seated ourselves was to make a beeline for the display case and revel in all the desserty goodness on offer. The Green Tea Cheesecake is Daisy’s favourite sweet here.

Luxbite South Yarra 04Endless Love $9 | Iced Coffee $6.50
Inspired by Pierre Hermé’s Ispahan: lychee ganache, rose cream, lychee, fresh raspberries
Hot Chocolate $5.50 | Epic Chocolate Cravings
Rich Belgian dark chocolate with hazelnut crust and salted caramel sphere

But I’m personally eyeing this dark chocolate number, anything dark chocolate sends me to heaven.

Luxbite South Yarra 05Pre-Dessert
Early season summer berries, Yalumba dessert wine jelly, lemon balm

All that said, we weren’t there for Luxbite’s usual selections. I-Hua organised this outing so that we could try their $20 two-course dessert night menu. This is part of Good Food Month’s theme, only for November, and only on Friday nights.

We started off with a refreshing burst of berries, white wine jelly and an almost ephemerally light meringue dusted with matcha powder. Mmm mmmm….

Luxbite South Yarra 9117Banoffee: Hot vs Cold
Banana soufflé, salted caramel, Sichuan pepper; Opéra of banana, Sichuan pepper chocolate crunch, hazelnut sponge, vanilla chantilly 

But course two blew me away. I’ve had a number of soufflés during my (so far 3-year) tenure as a food blogger, but this was by far the best soufflé I’ve ever eaten. With a nuanced sweetness level that allows you to taste the banana, that gentle but palpable push of Sichuan pepper and finally molten salted caramel at the bottom. That pillow of goodness was accompanied with The Boy’s favourite dessert – the banana opera cake.

This special dessert night will be happening for the next three friday nights only. If you’re a fan of soufflés, I think you should try this one. And let me know what you think!

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Dainty Sichuan Toorak 9125

Our reverse dinner ended with a hot and spicy feast down the road at Dainty Sichuan. 7 people, 7 delicious dishes… and you know what? I think we could’ve smashed down more!

We also got to meet up with the lovely lovely Kate from Lune Croissanterie, who joined us for this meal. I’m ceaselessly amazed by I-Hua’s ability in connecting with people in the industry… I tend to be so shy with chefs and restauranteurs… hehe!