D.O.C. Albert Park

135 Victoria Ave
Albert Park, VIC 3206
03 9690 7960

I’ve often been asked by friends and colleagues, “don’t you ever get sick of doing this?” (as in blogging). My answer is “yes”… it hits me about once a year, but somehow, I seem to regain momentum.

Well the occasional positive feedback from friends and readers does help. I think it’s also partly because editing photos (when you don’t have thousands to sort, eg: holiday photos) can be quite therapeutic. Plus, it’s quite nice giving yourself a little outlet for self expression. This blog is my little space for the things that I like (of which food takes centrestage).

DOC Albert Park 4240

But back to the task at hand. This lunch visit happened at the tail end of my parent’s recent visit to Melbourne. By this point, we were quite rotund from overeating everyday and my pants were getting rather tight. I had no more room for brunches or anything remotely heavy, hence this pizzeria came to mind. We could share something light here quite nicely.

DOC Albert Park 1

You may recall how much I liked D.O.C. in Carlton? It’s their mozzarellas that did it for me. Well you could consider this scaled-down coverage of their Albert Park branch as a short supplement post to that, thereby mitigating my guilt for not being more comprehensive here… :p

This eatery is actually pretty damn close to The Petty Officer on Victoria Ave. I liked how quiet it was at lunchtime on a Saturday… less of the noise and bustle that I’ve come to expect after the forays I’ve had in Carlton.

DOC Albert Park 2Baby spinach, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, basil pesto & pine nuts 14.8 (with tuna add $5)
Baladin Sidro – cider apple, Italy 8.9

Service was friendly yet staunchly Italian… it made me smile. Incidentally, I felt like cider… and discovered this to be one of the nicest ciders I’ve had in Melbourne that didn’t come from France. Well… whaddya know?

Striding forward with the light-eating theme, we had a simple baby spinach salad to go with our pizza of choice. It was a touch salty and on the oily side, and in retrospect, the added tuna probably wasn’t necessary.

DOC Albert Park 4242Pizza D.O.C. – San Marzano tomato, fresh D.O.P. buffalo mozzarella, fresh basil 20.9

And here’s our chosen pizza… the simple but beautiful margherita. It was the perfect choice, really… and not to mention perfectly made. My folks loved its fresh simplicity, as did I. A wonderful crust, magnificently milky Italian mozzarella balanced with lovely tomato and fresh basil.

And for those of you who’re learned in Italian traditions… is there a significance in placing a lone olive on a pizza? Or was that there just from happenstance?

DOC Albert Park 3

This branch is a lot closer to my home. In fact, I can quite easily walk there! I think I’ll be back soon… and if The Petty Officer is obnoxiously crowded, I now have a delicious option just a few doors away!

D.O.C. Albert Park on Urbanspoon

Meanwhile after our lunch, we strolled down a block or so to buy back ice creams from Jock’s, another favourite stall of mine. Aaaaaa… so many nice places in Albert Park now!

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