The South Melbourne Trader | Albert Park Deli

The South Melbourne Trader

111 Cecil St
South Melbourne, VIC 3205
03 9696 3938
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This post will briefly cover what I got up to a few weekends ago. Being school holidays, work has been exhaustingly busy. I was worn out by Friday night, flayed and wind-beaten by a tornado work week…

South Melbourne Trader 0789

Enter stage left: Fakegf, who’s been on a witch hunt for Melbourne’s best burgers (stay tuned on her blog for that burger post). We’re no longer brat foodies on Tuesdays together, so having dinners instead is our current alternative. We visited this restaurant on Friday night. It’s close to our homes and quiet, perfect for unwinding. The Angmoh joined us for that evening’s discovery.

South Melbourne Trader is snug in a corner of the square building that’s near South Melbourne Market, the same building where Spotlight and Woolworths is. What piqued Fakegf’s curiosity about the burgers here is the fact that its chef used to work at Rockpool Bar & Grill. And as you know, Rockpool’s bar section serves a pretty mean Wagyu burger (one which I still plan to try!).

South Melbourne Trader 1Smoked & marinated chicken ribs, spicy mayo 13.9 W
agyu burger, house made pickles, tomato, cos, Jamaican jerk, mayo & hand cut fries 15.9

We shared a serve of crisp fried chicken ribs, which was smoky and delicious but just too salty for my liking. Beer food or not, it’s such a shame when a good dish is spoilt because of over seasoning.

The three of us all went with the only burger on the menu. The burger was not bad, they used brioche buns and the Wagyu patty had nice flavour. But my fries were on the soggy side (although Fakegf and The Angmoh’s fries were nice and crisp).

South Melbourne Trader 0794Deconstructed apple & rhubarb pie

Our friendly waitress suggested we try the night’s dessert, which consisted of a deconstructed apple and rhubarb pie with house made pressed pastry, liquorice crumble, rhubarb soup, pressed apple and apple cream. As nice as it sounded, the dessert did not quite hit the mark for us and we secretly wished that they’d serve a more straight forward apple rhubarb crumble rather than this fanciful deconstructed number. But to be fair, I think we really wanted fuss-free food that particular Friday night.

A somewhat disappointing meal. However, please note that there are many other dishes on the menu, and my opinions here are just with reference to the burger dish and the dessert.

Albert Park Deli

129 Dundas Place
Albert Park, VIC 3206
03 9699 9594
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So it seems I have remained consistent with dance classes. I think the main pull factor is – despite my almost comical clumsiness and inflexibility, I actually feel really happy and rejuvenated after class!

Damo (who’s significantly more well versed with dance than myself) kindly accompanied me to that Saturday morning’s beginners class. And what a godsend he was! There were moments when I just stood there with a blank mind as to the movement phrase (stress and unnecessary pressure can do that to me), and he’d gently remind me that next little movement that I’d forgot. And the rest goes smoothly.

Albert Park Deli 0805

I’ve formed a new ritual where we’d have brunch after Saturday morning’s class. That morning, Damo, Serene, Namis and I decided to explore Albert Park’s main stretch for our post-dance feed.

Bridport St is full of bustling cafes, but we chose to visit a relaxed old-school deli offering a large selection of sandwiches, quiches, salads, pastries and wraps. Pick your dishes, pay at the counter and quote your table number.

Albert Park Deli 1Scrambled eggs w chilli jam, Italian sausage + crispy potato + hash brown $17
Open omelette w shaved leg ham, vintage cheddar, cherry tomatoes + chives $16

Damo enjoyed a simple scramble with herbed sausages while I had a moist omelette with shaved ham and cherry tomatoes. Both dishes were alright but not in ‘wow!’ territory.

Albert Park Deli 2Chicken salad 10 | Freshly squeezed orange juice 4 | Banana milkshake 6
Poached pear & blackberry tart 6

Namis and Serene both had a chicken salad, how healthy! And we ended by sharing Damo’s pear and blackberry semolina tart, which (while okay) had the flavour of almond essence.

Sometimes catching up over brunch is more about the company rather than the food or ambience. I enjoyed my brunch at Albert Park Deli because of the people who were there with me.

Albert Park Homemade Char Siew 0811

On Sunday, I made char siew (roast BBQ pork) using free range pork that was marinated overnight (please do not ever buy factory farmed pork!). However, l have to confess that the marinade came from a jar (from Lee Kum Kee). I currently do not have a recipe with a marinade that’s red, the recipes from my home usually involve a black version of char siew.

The char siew tasted great, but I made the mistake of using tenderloin pork. Next time, I’ll use pork neck, which has a lot more fat marbling, meaning it’ll taste more juicy and succulent!