173 Rankins Road
Kensington, VIC 3031

Looking back at this year… the months March to June felt like a season of discouragement. For some reason, after my South America Trip I felt unmotivated to write. My posting frequency (and quality) fell, people started unsubscribing, and worse yet… I didn’t give a damn! Blogging shouldn’t be exhausting, but it was, and I was on the verge of pulling the plug on Let’s Get Fat Together.

But thankfully, like the ebb and flow of the tides, that has passed. I’m relaxing the standards I’ve unwittingly placed on myself and taking it easy with my posts again now. Photos are crap? So be it! Omitted descriptions of venue, ambience and service? Gasp! What a sin.. but nevermind, this is just a blog!

Luncheonette Cafe Kensington 2Luncheonette Cafe Kensington 1

I caught up with Damo and his staffy (Sammie) after work on a Sunday. He suggested Luncheonette… a cute café that I’ve strolled past many times and been meaning to try. The Premises is really close by with spectacular coffees, so I usually default there, but it’s time to explore someplace a little cosier.

Luncheonette Cafe Kensington 4Flat white (by Coffee Supreme)

The little nook fits 15 people max, it was full that morning, but an outside table became available within 15 mins. It’s nice that even in winter, we get sunny days where you can still dine outdoors. The air was crisp, it wasn’t windy, and the winter sun kept us justly warm.

Luncheonette Cafe Kensington 3

Isn’t Sammie a beautiful poochy companion? Damo is the strictest dog owner I’ve ever come across, and as a result, she’s just about the best behaved (albeit bumbly) dog I’ve ever seen. Also, it’s quite cute seeing a biggish staffy wear a hot pink collar. :p

Luncheonette Cafe Kensington 0736Reuben: toasted sandwich w/ pastrami, caramelised cabbage, dijon mustard & melted gruyere. served w/ pickles & crisps – 11

Luncheonette’s menu is small and succinct, with simple and homely dishes that feels very… ahem… luncheonette-ish! Damo enjoyed a moist and buttery Reuben sandwich that came with a serve of delicious pickles.

Luncheonette Cafe Kensington 0738Luncheonette Breakfast Roll – crispy bacon, fried egg, beetroot, garlic aioli and frisee – 9.5

I had the classic breakfast roll, made with good quality bread and ingredients. Very satisfying.

Brunch spots don’t have to have fanciful dishes or a chic fitout to make up an enjoyable experience. I was charmed by the bright and tasteful simplicity that Luncheonette offers.

Luncheonette on Urbanspoon

Luncheonette Tortington Mushroom Pie

That weekend, I was also lucky to have food samples given to me by my friends. Fakegf participated in this year’s Sweet Swap, where food bloggers sent homemade sweets to each other and then blogged about it. The sweet that she created was a Sacher Tortington, a hybrid between an Austrian sachertorte (chocolate cake with apricot / orange jam) and Australia’s lamington. My goodness… I’m not normally a fan of either sweet, but this hybrid was… TO DIE FOR!! The tanginess of orange rind in the middle of the dense, coconut-dusted chocolate cake just lifted everything into a different dimension! You can read about Fakegf’s Sweet Swap experience here.

Damo’s a wonderful cook. He makes amazing desserts and is very skilled with pastry making. He baked a French mushroom bourguignon pie for a party the night before and left me a slice. I had it for dinner along with Fakegf’s sacher tortington. The pie was, once again (gush alert)… TO DIE FOR!! These days, I’m liking vegetarian dishes more and more, and Damo’s pie strengthened that conviction. Why go with beef bourguignon when mushrooms can taste so sensational?

Mushroom Bourguignon Pie 3153

Finally, on the blog housekeeping front (a neverending task), I’ve updated the page listing current cafes that have caught my heart. I’ve also finally updated my ‘sideroads‘ page, featuring a list of past blog posts and milestones that I’m personally proud of.