The Merrywell

Cnr Clarendon St and Crown Riverside
Southbank, Victoria 3006
03 9292 7468

Merrywell 4

Some of you may remember that I’d briefly dated a guy earlier this year? Things did not work out and the parting night was surprisingly hurtful.

To keep my mind off things, Fakegf and partner (ie. FakeOtherGuy, aka. ‘The Angmoh’ in her blog) took me here for dinner the next day.

Merrywell 5

It was really sweet of them… Fakegf got me a big bag of snickers to binge on, while The Angmoh got me a fancy six-pack of beers (so straight!) to help drown my sorrows… and they even bought dinner!

Merrywell 2“Spiced Sangria” $55
Rose wine, raspberries, blackberries, basil, orange peel, spiced syrup, creme de cassis

Being a Friday night, we let ourselves have a bit more alcohol than usual with this refreshingly spicy, fruity Sangria.

It’s pretty much public knowledge that a few glasses of wine quite reliably turns Fakegf and I into red-faced crunk (crazy drunk) Asians, while The Angmoh stays alabaster white and coherent. How unfair…!

But yes, things got quite jolly really quick with the help of that jug of Sangria, and I felt a lot better. Thank you… alcohol!!

Merrywell 3

We learnt that the upstairs and downstairs section at Merrywell hold different menus. We were seated upstairs at the outdoor terrace, and were faced with a more elaborate American Diner-influenced menu. Downstairs, its more casual with an array of scrumptious burgers and sandwiches on offer.

Merrywell 7072Lollipop Buffalo Chicken Wings 19
Blue Cheese Fondue, Celery

We dived right into our American food journey with these buffalo wings. Fakegf was delighted that they used very spicy (and tangy) hot sauce. That was probably the first time I’ve had buffalo wings, it was good… nice even when dipped in the blue cheese fondue.

Merrywell 7084Fish & Chips 28
Skinny Chips, Tartare Sauce

Fakegf went ‘healthier’ with a much enjoyed (albeit pricey) serve of fish & chips. Hapuka fillet was used, and we wondered whether the crust was beer battered.

Merrywell 7078Merrywell 7081Our Fried Chicken 27
125th St. Chicken & Waffles, Killer Bee Honey

The Angmoh decided to take a culinary leap and ordered a dish where deep fried chicken is paired with honey and waffles. It’s supposed to be a very Southern American thing, that’s how they eat it there.

The individual components by themselves were lovely… excellent fried chicken, chocolate (or was it red velvet?) waffles topped with a lemony cream cheese sauce, and good honey. But we knew it was going to be odd… eating it all together was a a bit of a struggle even for The Angmoh. With a wry smile, he said “I don’t think I need dessert”.

Merrywell 7088Merrywell 1 Angus Pub Burger 26 Pork Belly, Egg, Cheese, Lemon Aioli

I was adamant about having a burger, so I got the only one that was available in the upstairs menu. I’d read wrongly and thought it was going to just be a pork belly burger, but no… it had BOTH pork belly plus a slab of juicy char-grilled Angus beef patty. Yeowza…!

The burger did hit the spot. But next time, I’d probably dine at the downstairs section where the burgers are priced below $20.

Merrywell 6Desserts in a Jar $10ea
Lamington Trifle | Chocolate Mousse Mango Pudding

The desserts at Merrywell are served in cute little jars and we enjoyed all three of them. My mango pudding reminded me a lot of the equivalent dish at good yum cha places.

The joyous name and buzzy vibe at The Merrywell turned out to be the perfect dining spot for me to forget about things that were weighing me down. And I feel very blessed that I have both Fakegf and The Angmoh as supportive friends in times of need.

Our meal that evening brings back happy memories. And the next time I’m back, I’ll make sure I’m dining downstairs so that I can chew my way into The Merrywell’s juicy selection of burgers.

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