Oscar Cooper | Demitri’s Feast

Oscar Cooper

160 Greville St
Prahran, VIC 3181
03 9529 5670
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Oscar Cooper Cafe 2617

I seem to be eating out less this year, especially for dinners. It consequently means I’m covering brunch spots more on this blog. The places covered today are loosely themed around catch-ups with friends at lesser known cafes.

Oscar Cooper Cafe 2

Oscar Cooper was a bit of a bloggers’ catch brunch with Daisy (Never Too Sweet), Yasmeen (Wandering Spice), and Fakegf (The Hangry Bitch). It’s a newish cafe on Greville St, Prahran that carried a small buzz on Instagram. We were curious and met up for brunch here on Labour Day.

Oscar Cooper Cafe 2621 Oscar Cooper Cafe 1Iced latte 4 | Piccolo 3.5
Buffalo Soldier 5 (Watermelon, apple, mint)

Being a hot afternoon in late Summer, we went for cooler alternatives with our drinks. I could’ve had many more glasses of that juice.

I’ll now briefly document what my companions had for brunch… like a gallery of food porn:

Oscar Cooper Cafe 2633slow roasted spiced lamb, sweet pepperonata, grilled haloumi, mint yoghurt & rocket on a panino 16

Both Yasmeen and Fakegf’s partner (The Angmoh) had this sandwich and liked it.

Oscar Cooper Cafe 2638roasted beetroot, asparagus and meridith goats cheese omelette w cherry tomato and parsley salad, balsamic glaze 16

Fakegf of course went with something a little more vegetarian. I had a taste and thought it leant towards the sweet side, and the serve a bit small.

Oscar Cooper Cafe 2637rigatoni w spicy pork sausage ragu, torn basil & reggiano 16

Daisy’s partner, Ricky, went light and Italian with his lunch choice…

Oscar Cooper Cafe 2630thick cut brioche french toast w grilled banana, maple syrup, chocolate flakes, strawberries & cream 15

… while Daisy kept to her sweet-loving namesake, she had the only sweet dish amongst all of us. Once again, I thought they could’ve been a bit more generous with the serve.

Oscar Cooper Cafe 2631breakfast burrito on a flour tortilla with berkshire bacon, fried egg, avocado, cheese and a spicy tomato salsa 13.5

I had a breaky burrito as my brunch dish and it was satisfying. The salsa was unabashedly spicy.

Oscar Cooper Cafe 2644

While it wasn’t a sensational meal, this is still a brunch spot that holds its own well enough. Bright, comfortable setting, friendly service… and I was pretty happy with my burrito.

Demitri s Feast 2880

Demitri’s Feast

141 Swan St
Richmond, VIC 3121
03 9428 8659
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Fast forward one month… this time it’s a Sunday in Autumn. I’d finished work and met up with Fakegf and The Angmoh for a late lunch at Demitri’s.

Demitri s Feast 2935Demitri s Feast 04

Demitri is one of the older players in the Game of Brunch. It’s situated in Richmond, and what’s different here is how there’s a Greek / Mediterranean twist to the brunch fare.

Demitri s Feast 01chai tea $3.8 | capi pink grapefruit mineral water $4

We were seated in the cosy courtyard at the back. Cute how the olive oil drums have been converted into stools.

Demitri s Feast 03Demitri s Feast 2912Leek Prasopita $10 hand made filo w. leeks, herbs, ricotta & feta

Fakegf had a delightful Greek prasopita. It had lovely flavour and a nice, crisp-buttery crust.

Demitri s Feast 2905Smashed Avocado w. bacon, confit cherry tomatoes & poached egg $17.5

I went non-Greek with my lunch choice, a decision which I sort of regretted. It’s a decent dish and the tomatoes were very sweet, but I wasn’t too keen on how puréed the avocado was and would’ve preferred it in chunkier pieces.

Demitri s Feast 2898Demitri s Feast 02Grilled ox tongue w tzatziki + grilled zucchini, pine nuts, currants & rocket $19.50

Aside from the menu, there are more dishes on the specials board under the heading ”Today’s Feast’.

The Angmoh got the grilled ox tongue special and absolutely loved it. It came with a choice of salad, of which the grilled zucchini option looked the most enticing.

Demitri s Feast 2919Organic Fruit Toast by Baker D. Chirico $7

While the ox tongue was a wonderful feed, it wasn’t enough for The Angmoh, so he tanked up on fruit toast.

Demitri s Feast 2924Baclava French Toast w. walnut praline, sweet yoghurt & orange blossom syrup $15

Meanwhile, Fakegf and I shared this sweet and glorious dish for dessert. Loved the toast’s eggy fried edges… the foamy yoghurt was zesty, and fragrant orange blossom syrup brought everything together.

Demitri s Feast 2937

I think the Demitri excels at its Greek dishes and that Baclava French toast was spectacular. I’m actually eyeing the menu now and there’s a semolina pancake dish with pistachios and rose jam that seems to be worth coming back for. Mmm mmmm…!