Mister Brightside Cafe | Sourdough Kitchen

In this post, I’ll cover bits n bobs and swift visits that aren’t exactly full brunches but still deserve mention.

Mr Brightside Cafe 2

Mister Brightside

189a Booran Rd
Caulfield South, VIC 3162
03 9576 9588
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carrot, orange and ginger

Bottom line for this café is: pretty fit-out alert!

Mr Brightside Cafe 5984

cheese, caramelised onion, fresh tomato, lettuce, mustard and fries

I caught up with a colleague here one afternoon, and had a wholesome vegetable juice and a really good Wagyu beef burger. Twice happy. Loved the burger’s buttery soft bun!

Mr Brightside Cafe 5986

Mr Brightside is such a breezy and open café in Caulfield South. It feels as if the the skeletal frame of a wood shed has been placed inside, and tables built into it.

Sourdough Kitchen-2291

Sourdough Kitchen

172 Victoria Street
Seddon VIC 3011
03 9687 5662
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Sourdough Kitchen-2288

Next, let’s now cross over to the other end of town. This is a bakery café that I’ve visited several times to date, but never quite got around to mentioning.

Sourdough Kitchen-2287

While I’ve previously brunched here once, the main reason for my visits are these baked goodies. My budding sweet tooth has been getting more and more pushy…!

Sourdough Kitchen-7025Sourdough Kitchen-7030 Chocolate Croissant $3.20 (takeaway)

The difference here is: the croissants are all sourdough. When I first bit into their sourdough chocolate croissant, its tangy lift caught my heart.

Sourdough Kitchen-7020Almond Croissant $3.50 (takeaway)

To put it simply, these sourdough croissants taste like heaven to me. I’ve been buying them over and over again whenever I’m in the area – Common Galaxia being just down the road.

But mind you, it tastes quite different from traditional croissants. Because sourdough is used, the breads are denser, with less airy flakiness. Still, I can’t get enough of them!

Sourdough Kitchen-7028

If you bought these as takeaway, make sure they are warmed up in the oven before enjoying. Makes a big difference!