Mr Huang Jin

Ground Floor, Rialto Towers
525 Collins Street
Melbourne, VIC 3000
03 9077 7937

Mr Huang Jin 1

With this post, I continue my quest for good xiao long baos (Shanghai soup dumplings) in Melbourne.

Mr Huang Jin is situated at a fancier sector of Melbourne’s CBD, it’s right at the foot of the Rialto Tower. The photos and words from a post by Agnes looked pretty enticing. A month later, I lunched here with fakegf on a Tuesday.

Mr Huang Jin 2

This Taiwanese eatery fuses a few concepts to match Melbourne’s style of eating. Besides dumplings and noodles, there’s a ‘Taiwanese Tapas’ section in the menu where you can have small nibbles to go with drinks, ostensibly catered towards the after-work CBD crowd.

Mr Huang Jin 6038Twice-cooked pork spare ribs $11
Pork spare ribs grilled & served with house made chilli oil & broad beans

Fakegf enjoyed this sweetish twice-cooked pork dish, although the sprinkle of peas and walnuts felt peculiar. Still, it was pretty good pork.

Mr Huang Jin 6055Mr Huang Jin 6057 DIY Taiwanese style pork (belly) bun $8
Sticky pork belly, preserved vegetables, peanut dust & coriander in a fluffy, Chinese bun

Our exploration of ‘Taiwanese Tapas’ (…*giggle*) continued with this delicate pork belly bun, which was different (thinner bun, less saucy) to the Hokkien version I grew up eating, but nice in its own right.

Mr Huang Jin 6022Steamed pork dumplings 5pc $11 Mr Huang Jin’s special pork with ginger

And here’s what we came for – xiao long baos (Shanghai steamed soup dumplings)! It’s a thin-skinned dumpling filled with minced pork and life-nourishing soup, served in a piping hot bamboo steaming basket.

What’s beautiful about these dumplings is how, as you teeth into its skin, delicious soup stock would spurt forth and fill your mouth. And any oily-rich elements in it is deftly balanced by its uplifting condiments of contrast – Chinese vinegar and strips of fresh ginger.

Mr Huang Jin 3

These xiao long baos were pretty decent… thin skins, with good filling and soup. Although Fakegf thought the twisted ‘crimp’ on the top of each dumpling went a little dry and hard in Melbourne’s non-humid weather. The condiments were a little different too, with a mellow, umeshu-like vinegar and pickled rather than fresh ginger.

Mr Huang Jin 6050Mr Huang Jin 4 Steamed chili pork dumplings 5pc $11

Mr Huang Jin’s special pork with chilli

We ventured further afield with a serve of chilli-infused xiao long baos. I preferred the classic version, while fakegf really warmed up to this, saying how she quite enjoyed the soup inside these chilli dumplings.

Mr Huang Jin 6063Prawn & pork wontons with chili sauce 5pc $13
Parcels of fresh local prawns, Mr Huang Jin’s special pork, spring onions & ginger with the family’s secret chili sauce

We ended with these lovely, silky-skinned chilli wontons, rife with fresh filling. I found the chilli sauce on the sweet side and the peanut dust pushed even more fusiony elements to it, but the wontons were just sensational.

Overall, while the dumplings here are quite pricey, they are of good quality and probably worth the extra buck. However, I suspect the flavour balancing in its other dishes may lean towards a more Western preference. I’d recommend visiting, but if you’re quite nit-picky about authenticity, I’d say caveat emptor!

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