Steer Bar & Grill

637 Chapel Street
South Yarra, VIC 3141
03 9040 1188

Today’s featured writer is very special, he is none other than Fakegf’s boyfriend, the one whom I’ve been calling FakeOtherGuy. Ha ha ha! How awesome that the boyfriend of my bestest blog enabler is willing to help me write-up our food experiences! You’ll also learn that FakeOtherGuy has devised his own nicknames for us, I hope you won’t get too confused through it all. Now please enjoy FakeOtherGuy’s write-up of our splendid combined birthday meal at Steer.

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Being a longstanding appreciator of good steak I was naturally excited to visit Steer Bar and Grill with realgf (aka fakegf) and realgf’s fakebf (aka fatboo) – henceforth called he’llneverbefat. We were there to celebrate our birthdays, coincidentally falling on 3 consecutive days in November.

Steer Bar Grill 1

Steer is located at the top end of Chapel St, a comfortable distance from the teeny nightclubs and kebab shops. Its name appears in large, plain letters, befitting the no-nonsense approch taken at Steer: this is a place to come and eat a cow. If you want to eat a good steak, come here. If not, steer clear (pun intended!).

Steer Bar And Grill 5064Steer Bar Grill 2

There are a couple of things that strike you as you enter Steer. There is a giant fibreglass cow facing the window, just in case you’d made it this far not knowing what you were in for. There is a bright red hue from several large red-shaded lamps overlooking the dining area, oddly suggestive of the blood of the animals you are about to consume. And then after a few minutes, there’s this:

Steer Bar And Grill 5054

The waitress brings out a massive tray over a metre long with a sample of nearly every piece of meat on the menu. The people next to us asked the same question we did: how heavy is it!? It weighs in at over 10KG.

Steer Bar And Grill 5050Steer Bar And Grill 5076

After this we get down to business. We trepidaciously chose our wines, wanting to make sure we matched well with our dishes. We went with a shared entree of Tataki, a cow each, the house salad and some green veggies.

Steer Bar And Grill 5083From The Tataki Bar (70gm) David Blackmore Wagyu Oyster Blade $14
w freshly grated wasabi, ponzu and radish salad

The tataki is to die for. It’s such a stong start that it almost works against Steer because it sets the bar enourmously high for the mains to follow. Excellent value at $14 for a serve of David Blackmore Wagyu Oyster Blade. The pink salt block is the only seasoning the meat needs. Realgf summed it up: ‘that’s bloody good cow’.

Steer Bar And Grill 5074

We did a merry dance with the wine. He’llneverbefat had a merlot, myself a cab sav and realgf a shiraz. We passed each glass around the table in a circle to try each one and compare the texture, with very audible ‘ohs’ and ‘ahs’ along the way. To an onlooker it would have appeared very strange.

Steer Bar And Grill 5066

And now for the main event. Out come the steaks on plates tailored for serving steak and pretty much nothing else. The cursory nibble on the side is really there just to add a bit of colour. A good offering of condiments quickly follows.

Steer Bar Grill 3Steer Bar And Grill 5091Sher F1 Wagyu 450+ Days Grain Fed Delmonico 450g $89
(Flavour Intensity 7, Beef Marble Score 7)

I had a 450 gram grain-fed Sher F1 Delmonico, an extremely rich and tender cut. About 100g would be fat, but the remainder was very rich and dissipates smoothly in the mouth. It’s a long, thin piece of meat so it does get cold a bit quick, but the richness in flavour more than makes up for it.

Steer Bar And Grill 5105David Blackmore Full Blood Wagyu 600+ Days Grain Fed Oyster Blade 250g $59
(Flavour Intensity 7, Beef Marble Score 9+)

He’llneverbefat continued where he left off with the tataki, going with another David Blackmore dish. This was a 600 day grain fed oyster blade steak that basically melted. ‘Buttery’ is how I would describe it, and that’s a very good thing.

Steer Bar And Grill 5098Mayura Station Pasture Fed Porterhouse 285g $59
(Flavour Intensity 6, Beef Marble Score 5)

Realgf made the safe play. She had a pasture-fed Mayura station porterhouse. We expected quality here and we weren’t dissapointed. Realgf noted it had a certain ‘earthiness’ by comparison to the grain-fed meat.

Steer Bar And Grill 5109Steer Bar And Grill 5117SIDES Rocket and Radicchio with italian Dressing $15
Pine nuts / Parmesan / tomato Spring Greens and Native Vegetables $8

Steer Bar And Grill 5134Cherry Pie/Ice Cream Sundae $12

We were struggling for dessert ideas and were recommended the ‘cherry pie ice cream sundae’. It turned out to be a deconstructed dish, highlighted by clever anointments of jelly and fruit.

Steer Bar And Grill 5139Petit fours

Your enjoyment of Steer will be directly proportional to your general enjoyment of steak. If you simply ‘like’ your steak, Steer may feel a bit excessive. But for the steak afficionados out there – Steer is mandatory dining!

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