45 Keele Street
Collingwood, VIC 3066
03 9077 3941

CIBI 4994

Having visited (and enjoyed) the somewhat recently opened Mina No Ie, I was keen to try out the ‘original’ CIBI. I caught up with Leaf and partner (Simon) here one Sunday after work.

CIBI 5030CIBI 5002“Cortado con heilo” – CIBI iced coffee 3.5

I liked CIBI’s fit-out better than its spartan-modern sister branch in the same neighbourhood. Here it was warmer, woodier, and full of character, with an array of old furniture and mis-matched chairs. A gallery shop full of Japanese knick knacks lies further inside the warehouse space.

Simon’s iced coffee turned out like a 2/3 latte served with a glass of ice.

CIBI 3CIBI tofu burger – house made tofu pate with light teriyaki sauce, coriander leaves, cucumber & green leaves 10

This sweetish vegetarian burger is a favourite dish of Leaf’s. Simon had it this time and was pretty satisfied, the tofu had nice texture.

CIBI 2CIBI 5025CIBI “Traditional Japanese breakfast” plate Grilled sliced salmon fillet, Free-range egg omelette – Tamagoyaki, Seasonal green vegetables, Potato salad served with organic brown rice 17.5

Leaf and I could not go past the weekend’s offering, which was CIBI’s equivalent of a ‘big breakfast’. According to the menu, this dish is based on CIBI grandmother’s breakfast – called asa goan.

Light, delicate, healthy and beautifully cooked…

CIBI 1and heartful miso soup

… and it came with pretty good miso soup. We enjoyed it a lot!

CIBI 5037

It’s a short, simple post. A cosy warehouse space with delicate, Japanese-style brunch dishes that I’m starting to like more and more. Portion sizes can be on the small side and you can get peckish quite quickly after. But that’s perfect, because you can then visit somewhere else in Collingwood with space for coffees, teas and sweets. Which was exactly what we did!

CIBI 4995

On a final note, I think it’s time to announce a few blog changes. As the author of this two year-old “adolescent”, I plan to slow down my posting frequency and streamline my words further. The long, colourful stories of old have now given way to a style that’s almost like a photo ‘gallery’ with longish captions. I’ll also welcome unique voices and guests posts more. My life circumstances may be changing soon… I’ll be busier, and will probably find it hard to keep up without burning out. I hope you’ll understand…

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