Boo’s Balcony Garden, Take 2

Some of you may remember a post last autumn about my (putative) herb garden? I’d bought herb seedlings from the farmers’ market, hoping they’d flourish into big, fat balcony bushes over the months.

Herb Garden 4223
My seedlings, back in March 2012

Well… *koff*

Let’s just say that most of them are in the apartment’s rubbish tip downstairs now. Basil and sage died within a month. Thyme never grew much and it thinned out over time, and I used rosemary for cooking so much until it was stripped bare. As for the strawberry plant, she sprouted a couple of leaves and grew 2cm taller over 7 months, lol. The only thing that clung on to life was my olive sapling.

Balcony Herb Garden 2 6311

Anyway, now that it’s Spring, it’s time to try doing this again. I threw out the old plants and the temporary-looking plastic pots that housed them, and with a trip to my local Bunnings, upgraded my whole balcony kit at the cost of $200.

Balcony Herb Garden 2 4304

Mum helped me choose the pots, she has a better eye at design and landscaping than myself. I’m liking the faux Tuscan-style theme for my balcony now.

We decided to group the herbs into a much larger pot and place it on the outdoor table, where it’d get a lot more sun than on the floor, covered by wall shadow. And this time I omitted basil, sage, coriander etc from my selection, simply because they die too easily.

Mum came up with the idea of using pebbles on top not because it’s decorative. It’s to prevent the topsoil from flying out and all over my balcony during gusty, windy days. My only concern is whether the pebbles may heat up the pot too much on hot days with full sun.

Balcony Herb Garden 2 4307

This olive ‘tree’ is the lone survivor from my previous batch of plants. To be honest, he’s already gone a bit brittle and dry. Let’s hope with a larger pot (I nearly busted my back moving it into position) and a conscious effort to water him more, he’ll turn a bit greener, haha.

Balcony Herb Garden 2 4308

The last addition to this year’s collection of balcony plants is a conifer. Yes… a conifer in an apartment balcony, ha ha ha! Oh well, she only costs $15, I’ll know soon whether this is a suicide mission. She currently stands just below the height of my shoulder. I’ll update you on her progress sometime next year.

So… what do you think? With my track record… will these plants live? =D

Balcony Herb Garden 2 4305