Tidlom Thai Antique

Shop C1, Healeys Lane
550 Lonsdale Street
Melbourne, VIC 3000
03 9606 0991
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Tidlom Thai Antique 1

I received an eMail from the owner of this joint a few months ago asking if I could ‘please do your magic as a food blogger’, and to be as honest as I can be. With my feathers adequately fluffed up, I ate here anonymously with Ees a few weeks ago.

Tidlom is a new venture from the people of Appetizer Kub Klam, a quiet and not-that-known restaurant that I’d previously enjoyed for its cosy ambience, authentic (spicy!) food and cheesy but relaxing music. Now that Appetizer has changed management, I’m not sure whether food is the same.


But the previous owners are now at Tidlom, with a food ethos that says food served should be just like what the Thais eat at home. I like that concept.

Tidlom Thai Antique 2Tidlom Thai Antique 3349House Beer $3.50 | Chicken joints $9.90 Deep fried chicken joints in seasoned batter served with Thai sweet chilli sauce

Ees and I started off with what I’ll now declare as the perfect beer food. The waitress was quite mortified that we ordered this as she was certain we wouldn’t like it. But she underestimated us. These chicken joints were deep fried to perfection, gently seasoned and so incredibly moreish to munch on! And there weren’t any bones, so you don’t have to face the indignity of spitting out bits.

Tidlom Thai Antique 3358Thai style spicy sausages (Homemade) $10.90
Traditional Thai spicy and sour sausages served with chilli, ginger and vegetables

We went quite adventurous with the menu ordering here. For instance, these Northeastern Isaan-style Thai sausages, which came spicy and sour. I’ve never had sour sausages before, so this dish, while fresh and homemade, took a bit of getting used to…

Tidlom Thai Antique 3331Tidlom Thai Antique 3336Stir fried dried curry beef $14.90
Stir fried Snake beans, Homemade Red curry paste and a choice of meat

This dish sounded more interesting on the menu than it did in real life. The flavours were pleasant, but I think we ordered wrongly, because the beef was on the dry side. And that’s simply because we ordered dry curry!

Tidlom Thai Antique 3345Tom Zap $16.90
Traditional spicy clear soup with Thai herbs, chilli, grounded roasted rice, fresh lime juice and a choice of Soften Pork spare ribs or Stewed beef

Rather than going tom yum, Ees and I tried a different soup! But call us Thai culinary barbarians, we couldn’t really tell the difference between tom yum and this soup, ha ha! It was clear, fragrant, spicy, and sour… with kaffir lime leaves, whole dried chillies, basil, lemongrass, onions, and ground rice at the bottom.

When our waitress asked how spicy we’d want it, I just said ‘Thai spicy’. I had no problems with the heat levels for this soup, didn’t even touch my drink, while Ees was sweating a storm and drinking gallons of water. Ahaha… maybe I’m immune to chilli hotness.

I thought the dishes here were different and interesting, but problem with this visit is we ordered novel dishes and don’t have enough familiarity with Thai food to have a point of comparison. All that said, there is a lot more unusualness on the menu (like raw prawn salad, deep fried pork intestine, preserved pork soft bone, stir fried fish floss) that makes me want to come back and discover more!

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