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Guess what? I’ve completely missed my 2nd bloggiversary, which passed by unnoticed on 29 September. You could say it’s dedication, but I think it’s more I completely forgot, ha ha!

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My style has changed a fair bit over time. My long long write-ups have gone in favour of shorter, simpler posts with lots of photos. I’ve also become pretty efficient with photo editing and writing. So these days, blogging has become quite breezy.

I’ve also taken a more relaxed approach towards this blog in general. For instance, this post details a quick meal with PixelAnt, snapped with my phone camera.

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Fans of I Love Pho 264 may be pleased to know that they’ve opened a sister restaurant down the road called “Phoenix”. Once again, it’s Fakegf who was my informant, and she vouches that the pho quality at this new place is pretty much as good as I Love Pho’s.

I personally find the broth at I Love Pho scarily salty and MSG-laden in recent years, but will admit that the quality cuts of beef served there remains unbelieveably good. Which is why I keep coming back.

Now that Phoenix serves dishes other than pho, it’s time to find out how this popular restaurant group fares when it comes to dishes outside of the pho arena.

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Bún Chạo Tôm $12.00
Rice Vermicelli with Sugarcane Prawn

Despite being a freezing spring night in Melbourne, both PixelAnt and I still went with Bun Cha. This was probably the first time I’ve gone with sugarcane prawn instead of my usual grilled pork with spring rolls. And to put it simply, it was quite delicious!

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Bún Thịt Bò Nướng $10.00
Rice Vermicelli with Grilled Beef

But this dish was the reason why I wanted to blog about this place. It was superbly delicious! The beef pieces had such a beautifully smoky, charred flavour. I had food envy watching PixelAnt dig into this bowl.

Phoenix Phuong Hoang 5856
Cút Chin (Crispy Quail) $7

The kitchen got a little mixed up, so our entrée order of crispy quail ended up arriving after we’d demolished our bun cha. This, once again, was very yummy. Crisp, tasty outsides with moist insides. Very nice!

It was a quick and simple catch-up meal, but all three dishes ordered really satisfied.

Bún Thịt Heo Nướng $10.00
Rice Vermicelli with Grilled Pork

I came back again when my folks visited Melbourne. They wanted pho, while I wanted something else, so eating at Phoenix made sense.

My grilled pork bun cha tasted different from those I’ve had previously. Different but in a good way. It was slightly oilier, the pork was more stir-fried and gingery rather than grilled, and the salad had fried shallots and capsicum. The marinade made the dish absolutely scrumptious, I was happy.

Phở Bò Tai (small $8)
Beef noodle soup with rare beef 

Phở Bò Dặc Biệt (small $8)
Special beef combination noodle soup 

It’s nice that they’ve got a range of sizes for pho, going at S $8 M $9 L $10. So my folks, who are used to Singaporean portion sizes, could grab a sensibly sized small bowl. If you just order without specifying, you automatically get a medium bowl.

Dad and mum absolutely loved the pho here. Just like at main branch (I Love Pho 264), the cuts of beef used were excellent. And better still, the broth was more rounded, herb-nuanced, with less MSG and saltiness! If the standard remains the same, I’d rather have pho here than at busy busy main branch.

I love the Vietnamese food in Footscray, but when it comes to pho, I always head towards Richmond for my fix. And now that Phoenix has opened with so many nice dishes on the menu, I’m even more likely to think of Richmond when I’m craving Vietnamese.

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