Loam in October

650 Andersons Rd
Drysdale, VIC 3222
03 5251 1101

Loam in OctoberLoam in October Olive Mill Shop below Loam Restaurant

A different season, a different menu, feel and sensibility.

I know it’s only been 8 months, but I’ve made the long drive back here, this time with dad and mum. It’s their first tasting menu experience, and such a good place to start.

Loam in OctoberLoam in October

Loam creates a menu based on the seasons and what’s available around the region, so you get something different every visit. These are the ingredients that’s available in October, and the words in black are the ingredients that will be used in the kitchen on that day. Just tell the staff what ingredient disagrees with you and it won’t appear in your meal. Everything else will be in the hands of the kitchen, who will decide the menu for you as a surprise.

You could see this as more of a photo post rather than an actual review. Just let it be known that dad and mom loved their experience here. If you want to see a more in-depth write-up of Loam, then read about my visit in February.

I hope you’ll enjoy the food porn.

Loam in OctoberLoam in October Burntwood butter, juniper, seaweed Zeally Bay Wholewheat Sourdough
Amuse Bouche of salt & vinegar ‘chips’, salmon jerky, balsamic shortbread

Loam in OctoberPickled asparagus, curdled milk

Loam in OctoberYellow-eye mullet, bread sauce, wild garlic, celery

Loam in OctoberSmoked eel, celeriac, dill, pickled radish

Loam in OctoberBroccoli heart, fermented millet, giant red mustard leaf

Loam in October Chestnut beef, yolk, squid, chervil

Loam in OctoberChicken wing, shitake, kohlrabi, scallop

Loam in OctoberQuickes clothbound cheddar, pickled beetroot

Loam in OctoberApple, Sichuan pepper, walnut, mint

Loam in OctoberHoneycomb, quinoa paper, meyer lemon, ‘mystery’ ice cream

Loam in OctoberLemon curd tartlets