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Curious Goose

307 Sydney Road
Brunswick, VIC 3056
03 9380 8287
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I’m looking at my photo backlog right now and… maaan, I sure do brunch a lot! I sometimes fret about becoming boring with my blog, writing about poached eggs and coffees every 2-3 entries. As a reader, do you think it’s becoming that way?

The two brunch spots in this compilation are food catch-ups near my friend’s workplaces during their lunch hour. Fakegf and I caught up with Ees here a couple of months ago. He’d been to Curious Goose previously and was a bit “ermmm…” about his brunch, but didn’t mind giving them another go.

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Chai Latte – fresh by Calmer Sutra $4
Piccolo $3.7 (Ducks Nuts blend, by Industry Beans)
Complimentary cold drip (single origin fr Kagumo, Kenya)

While Ees went with a chai, Fakegf and I dived headlong into the realm of coffees. We’re so predictable. First, we asked what type of beans were used and if there were any singles on offer. The friendly waiter promptly brought us a little glass of Kenyan cold drip to sample, that was the single origin on offer that day. It was delicious! Sweet, fragrant and nuanced with layers of leaves and brown fruit.

Fakegf had a robust tasting (Ducks Nuts… lol!) piccolo by Industry Beans, which she enjoyed very much. From my sample sip, it tasted unusual… woody, smoky with just the slightest hint of… diesel? It reminded me of cities and smog, believe or not. Ha ha!

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Potato, parmesan & soft herb croquette, hot smoked salmon, lemon schmear $12

Ees wanted something a bit fried but also light, so this brunch choice satisfied that need well enough. No complaints from him.

Curious Goose 2523
Salted beef hash, poached eggs, thyme roasted mushrooms, asparagus, white truffle dressing $15.9

I was more equivocal about my brunch choice. I was sort of expecting the salted beef in the hash to be more like pulled beef or corned beef in texture, but they came as leathery squares of cured beef pieces inside the hash, which made the hash a bit dry.

Curious Goose 02Curious Goose 01
Soft shell tacos w shaved cabbage, Pico de Gallo, manchego, avocado, chimichurri
Choice of: pork short ribs, refried beans ($6.5ea, 2 @$12.5)

Fakegf had non-brunchy cravings that morning and ordered tacos instead. But guess what? She’d hit jackpot! These tacos were very very good! I could’ve eaten 4 of them on my own.

Curious Goose 04
Soft shell tacos w salt & pepper calamari $6.5

Out of curiosity, we ordered a serve of the third taco option, calamari. Once again it was just delicious, everything was perfectly balanced.

Curious Goose 03

So we’ve discovered this cafe’s strength, they make great tacos. The coffees weren’t too shabby either. Now Ees will know what to order here should he and his colleagues visit during their work lunch hour.

Curious Goose 2545
Hava Gander, interior

Incidentally, on the day we visited, we were told their sister restaurant next door, Hava Gander, had opened just a week before. The food’s Middle Eastern in style, with mezze, pide, pizzas… and an entire stretch of wall in Hava Gander features graffiti created by a local street artist.

The Bond Store

1 Riverside Quay
Southbank, VIC 3006
03 9686 9007
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The Bond Store is really close to Daisy’s workplace, so we caught up with her here a few weeks ago.

The Bond Store 04

Inside, it’s dark, bricky, masculine and sombre. Like a gentleman’s hangout.

The Bond Store 02The Bond Store 01
mocha (Romcaffe)
peppermint tea | chai latte

Daisy grabbed her usual mocha while Fakegf and I went with teas. The chai latte was so milky that it was almost just foamed milk with cinnamon powder… As we left, I noticed both Daisy and Fakegf did not finish their drinks.

The Bond Store 3231The Bond Store 3218
rare roast beef sandwich with warm onion jus, roasted tomato, rocket, prosciutto and mild garlic cream 13.90

We came at that awkward transition time in the morning between breakfast and lunch, so waited for about 20 minutes before we were allowed to order from the lunch menu.

Fakegf’s rare beef sandwich was quite alright, she didn’t mind it.

The Bond Store 3220
warm baked trout salad with chilli, gherkin, red onion, green leaves, broken egg and blue cheese dressing 13.90

Daisy went healthy with a salad, and I think she enjoyed it. I would have too, with such an abundance of greenery…

The Bond Store 3225The Bond Store 03
beef bourguignon pie 12.90

I struggled a little with the lunch menu, but ended up getting a pie… *gasp*!

Definitely something I don’t normally get when I’m brunching out. But it was not bad! Good, buttery homemade pastry, with soft, fall apart pieces of beef inside.

The Bond Store 3239

While we had no big complaints here, I couldn’t find something that stood out as this cafe’s ‘strength’, except, perhaps, for its gentleman’s hangout kind of feel. The lukewarm service also did not help. It’s still an okay place for brunch, but I’m unlikely to be back all that soon.