Two Birds One Stone

12 Claremont Street
South Yarra, VIC 3141
03 9827 1228

Okay, I’m doing that rather annoying food blogger thing here… “peeing at the proverbial café tree” a mere few weeks after its opening.

I did hesitate at first, thinking I should let the dust settle first… but Lachy assured me that they were already running perfectly from day one.

Two Birds One Stone 00

And to be honest, I have my days where I don’t want to try ‘risky’, lesser known places. A good brunch needs to have good coffee, ambience and food. Only a handful of places hits the mark on all three categories, and… [sotto voce] there also comes a point where seriously I can’t “Chai it” anymore. =)

So yes, on that Tuesday, Fakegf and I decided to visit somewhere that we know will pretty much deliver. And our confidence for this new cafe stemmed from the fact that Two Birds One Stone is opened by the people who were previously behind Melbourne brunch giant, Three Bags Full.

Two Birds One Stone 03Magic | Piccolo (by 5 Senses)

So how will all this knowledge that I’ve revealed affect you as a blog reader? Well, it basically means everything will be very good here and you don’t really have to read any of my prose. So just pretend that I’m not aware that you’re not reading my painstakingly written text… aaand scroll away and enjoy the food porn!!

HA HA HA… you know who you are!! :D

*koff* I should get into the post proper now…

The coffees were good, as expected. In particular, Fakegf’s delicious magic, which was smooth, chocolatey with a delightful rush of bright berries in its crema.

Two Birds One Stone 01Toasted sandwich, House smoked ham, cheese & tomato relish 9.50

Fit-out here was modern-eclectic and gorgeous. The guy who greeted us at the door was also gorgeous… such a pity Fakegf and I were all sweaty and frumpy in post-jogging clothes, we felt very unglamorous in that slick café. But thankfully, being in Melbourne, no one cared!

Fakegf chose something small and simple for her brunch, you’ll find out why later. She said the house smoked ham was incredibly good.

Two Birds One Stone 02Roasted field mushrooms, toasted house made brioche, Meredith feta & watercress 15.50 (add poached egg 2.00)

The menu was succinct, simple yet also different and interesting. Having brioche bread and mushrooms in a dish intrigued me, so I ordered it.

By the way, I love those stools…!

Two Birds One Stone 0068

And here’s what happened: Fakegf and I split our dishes into equal halves and shared everything!

The toasted smoked ham sandwich was pretty alright, but I struggled with my mushroom dish at the start. I thought the feta was a touch too strong tasting when eaten with the gently sweet brioche.

The brioche had a crumbly, cakey texture that Fakegf could not appreciate. But I didn’t mind the texture, and grew to like my dish in the end because the mushrooms and eggs went well with the sweetish brioche.

Two Birds One Stone 0088Gingerbread hotcakes with whipped cream citrus ricotta, fresh mandarin, pistachio nuts $14.50

And this was the reason why we ordered lightly in the savoury department. They were offering an irresistible sweet dish on that Tuesday: gingerbread hotcakes!

Two Birds One Stone 04


Oh my goodness, it was such a lovely combination of everything. Citrus, nuts, honey, cream… and warm comforting spiced hotcakes. As we polished off the last bit, Fakegf and I wore such big smiles on our faces. And without any pre-planning, we looked at each other and said “SHIOK!” in unison.

*Shiok: colloquial Singlish for “uh-maa-ziiing”

Two Birds One Stone 0084

I can wax lyrical about how the stars had aligned fortuitously so that this brunch session could end perfectly. But if you’ve read this post, you’ll recall we were a little “errmmm” about my mushroom brioche dish.

All that said, the scrumptious gingerbread hotcakes truly turned the tables around. And I’m pretty sure the menu has a lot more solid offerings up its sleeve. I will be coming back.

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