The Moor’s Head

Rear 774 High St
Thornbury, VIC 3071
03 9484 0173

The Moor s Head 1

It was Fakegf who suggested we visit The Moor’s Head in faraway Thornbury. She’s always the one to suggest where to go. We went there after a failed group-jog session with Damo one Sunday evening (it rained buckets and we got drenched). During the car ride, this conversation ensued:

Me ‘So how did you hear about this place?’ Fakegf ‘Har? It’s on your blog’s wishlist!’ Me ‘What??’

OMG, I’m such an utter utter foodie and food-blogger fail. My friends know my very own (constantly updated) blog wishlist better than myself! Ha ha!

The Moor s Head 2

Turns out, The Moor’s Head was recommended by Lachy about half a year ago. The tagline below the logo cheekily says ‘inauthentic pizza’. But really, it’s Middle Eastern style pizzas that’s being served here. I really liked the restaurant’s warm casual feel and buzzy vibe.

The Moor s Head 3Sour cherry nectar 4 | Baby peppers stuffed w feta & walnuts 8

For starters, we shared stuffed baby peppers. I was a little disappointed that the peppers were pickled and sweetish rather than roasted or grilled, but Damo thought the filling inside was really nice.

The Moor s Head 4The Moors Head 9982The Golden Terrace 18
Minced beef, fresh tomato, chilli, almonds, lemon

There were heaps of options on the menu, divided into Starters, Manoushé and Pidé. But for mains, we opted for one of the more popular dishes, as suggested by our waiter: the minced beef pide.

The bread was excellently thin and crisp. Interestingly, the beef was minced so finely that it was almost like a paste with hints of Middle Eastern flavours. If you ate the mid-sections, Fakegf and I thought it was quite salty (though Damo disagreed on that). Overall, I sort of wished there was some sort of sweet or tangy counterpoint in the pizza to balance it out.

The Moor s Head 5Cabbage, mint, soused onion, caraway 8.5

We had our pizza with a simple cabbage and mint salad, which helped cleanse the palate in between slices.

The Moors Head 0018The Jamil 9
Ricotta, honey, walnuts

It was a strange evening, the three of us all had small stomachs. So that one pizza was sufficient for mains. We then shared just one dessert between us!

But this dessert blew me away. Once again, the bread came out freshly hot, crisp and wonderful. It was stuffed with gently creamy ricotta and then drizzled with delicious leatherwood honey. I’d come back just for this simple and fresh dessert alone. Fakegf and Damo did, however, mention that the walnuts would’ve been nicer if they were toasted.

The Moors Head 0008

It is often difficult to make a call when it comes to restaurants serving cuisine you’re unfamiliar with. But look, I really liked that dessert, and the breads here were baked to crisp perfection. It’s now just a matter of me choosing a pizza that is better suited for my palate rather than ordering one that’s popular. And hopefully next time we visit The Moor’s Head, we’ll have bigger appetites and get to sample more than just one ‘inauthentic pizza’!

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