Aspro Ble

389 Lonsdale St
Melbourne, VIC 3000
03 9602 4444

Aspro Ble 9939

This is food territory that I’m not that familiar with… Greek to me conjures up images of souvlakis and huge platters juicy meat. But this winter seems to be the season for discovering Greek food. Another post on the cuisine will follow in the coming weeks.

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It was Shing who suggested we try Aspro Ble out, with her research based mainly on Urbanspoon ratings and user reviews. While I don’t exactly trust Urbanspoon when it comes to brunches and Asian food, I was willing give this traditional Greek diner in the CBD a go.

The restaurant has been around for a long time and it’s situated on a very visible corner on Lonsdale St. Fit out is simple casual and themed around the Greek Island colours of blue and white.

Aspro Ble 9917Tenderized Calamari $13 w a side of spicy aioli

We started with a beautifully cooked plate of calamari. Succulent to the teeth, a perfect balance of herbs and spices, with an amazing chargrilled flavour.

I prefer calamari cooked this style rather than battered and deep fried. We did not even need to dip into the aioli.

Aspro Ble 9935Slow Roasted Lamb $24 with a Garlic Yoghurt Dressing

For mains, we couldn’t go past the classic 5-hour slow roast lamb.

It was served with a tzaziki-like yoghurt dressing, and in that white little spouty jar, the pan drippings have been made into a creamy sauce with oregano and tarragon.

Aspro Ble 9937

A very enjoyable dish, the sauce made from the pan drippings was perfect accompaniment to the moist, flavoursome lamb.

Aspro BleRoast Beetroot Salad $9
w Pinenuts w fresh Leaf & Herbs

Shing and I ordered very sensibly for this meal, we stayed away from the carby flatbreads and filling dips.

Instead, here’s a brightly sweet and juicy salad to go with the lamb mains.

Aspro Ble 9912 Aspro Ble 9947Loukoumades (Greek Donuts) w Honey and Walnuts $10

Our carb quota (and stomach space) was reserved for dessert, and rightly so… what a large serve! These loukoumades arrived still hot, with crisp outsides, a chewy centre and a slightly savoury touch. We discovered that classic Greek donuts are denser than American donuts, I liked it that way.

I thought the donuts went incredibly well with the pool of drizzled Greek honey. I was less keen on the double strained Greek yoghurt with raspberry coulis though, mainly because I’m not a fan of raspberry type sauces.

Aspro Ble 9952

Shing couldn’t stop praising this establishment, saying how simple but good the food is, and how she could taste the passion in the cooking. Hahaha… she sounds exactly like me when I get gushy.

But what about my thoughts? I pretty much agree with Shing. I think the food here is classic, straightforward, made well, and just so easy to enjoy.

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