Naked For Satan

285 Brunswick St
Fitzroy, VIC 3065
03 9416 2238

Naked for Satan 00Dirty Granny Cider $5 pot

The bar and pub drinking scene in Melbourne isn’t really my thing. I’m more for quiet, sit down dinners and early nights. Plus I’m terrible with alcohol anyway, half a glass of wine and I’m all silly.

Naked for Satan 06

But I finally paid Naked For Satan a visit, about a year after all the online buzz over it has settled. But that did not mean the place was dead, I came here on a Wednesday night with visiting friends from Singapore and it was packed!

Naked for Satan 07Naked For Satan 7742

What’s special about this place? Aside for its eccentric decor, they specialise in vodkas and pinxtos. The latter was what we were here for.

Pinxtos are like small nibbly bits of toothpicked spanish tapas served on slices of bread. On weekday lunches (12pm-4pm) and certain nights (Mon-Wed 4pm onwards), they go at $1 per stick rather than the usual $2. Payment is based on an honesty system, you collect your toothpicks and pay based on how many you accumulate.

Naked for Satan 08

I secured a nice quiet spot right at the back, away from the noisier front and mid-section of the place. So my friends and I could actually have drinks, nibbles, and hear ourselves chatting.

Naked For Satan 01Blue Cheese, Quince & Walnut | Squid Ink Risoni w Grilled Calamari
Chilli Cashew & Capsicum w Eggplant | Goat Cheese, Quince Paste & Pistachio

Between the three of us, we pretty much sampled most of the pinxtos on offer. For this post, I won’t go into too much detail, but the four above were our big favourites,

Naked For Satan 03Cauliflower, Manouri Cheese & Garlic Prawn | Capo Collo Octopus, Chickpea & Caperberry | Cream Cheese, Roasted Beetroot & Walnut

And the four above leant more on the ‘meh’ side.

Naked For Satan 02Seafood w Prawn & Capsicum | Chorizo, Cream Cheese & Green Chilli Tortilla w Aioli | Smoked Chicken & Corn Relish

And we did not sample the four above.

Naked For Satan 04Black Eyed Bean Salad & Roasted Carrot | Chocolate, Cointreau Mousse Canolli

These were the last two sticks we grabbed. The bean and roast carrot pinxtos was delightful. However, the only dessert offering, a canoli, wasn’t all that enjoyable.

So there were some good nibbles here but also a number of meh ones. The pinxtos actually fill you up quite quickly because there’s so much bread action. I also wasn’t as keen about them being served cold.

Naked For Satan 7770

I think the focus on this place lies more on its social and drinking aspect, which isn’t really my thing. But don’t get me wrong, I still enjoyed my night. And the friends I was with loved the concept here, our ‘dinner’ turned out to cost just over $7 each, we accrued a mere 22 toothpicks between 3 people. That’s like the cheapest meal ever in Melbourne, so I shouldn’t be complaining.

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