Andrew’s Hamburgers

144 Bridport St
Albert Park, VIC 3206
03 9690 2126

I’ve grown fat this winter. In the cold, you eat more and don’t exercise as much. Damo and I lamented about this over dinner a few weeks ago. We made a promise to run Albert Park Lake again like we used to in the past.

That’s when I noticed how the passing of the seasons also signalled the changes around my friends. Damo has moved to the north, Fakegf has started dating someone for real, Ees has started looking at properties. The only constant is myself, and the meals that I have with them.

Andrews Hamburgers 7103

So Damo and I ran the lake circuit last week, with a foodie destination (hamburgers!) as a reward. It was very cold and it rained. You can imagine the sweet relief we felt when we walked into the warm burger joint with juicy patties sizzling on the grill.

Andrews Hamburgers 1

Andrew’s Hamburgers has been in operation since 1939. It’s traditional, no frills, and no nonsense. The menu is chalked onto a board above, but you will have a better idea of pricing and combinations by looking at the brochure menu, or on their website. They also do steak sandwiches, souvlakis and chicken/veggie burgers. And there’s the option of gluten free buns.

Andrews Hamburgers 7122Andrews Hamburgers 3 “The Lot” – egg, tomato, cheese, bacon $10

I’ve been here previously and had the burger with “The Lot”. I found that the ketchup and bacon combined made it many notches too salty for my liking. So Damo went with “The Lot” minus bacon, and that turned out pretty good!

I think what really stands out in this place is how chargrilled the burger patties are. Damo noticed how they leave the patties on the stove for longer. He also liked how they used big, confident chunks of tomato slices here.

I nearly snorted my patty when Damo commented how the burgers here are healthy. A healthy hamburger… Really? But, he explained further, “it’s got some carbs, a bit of fat (…you need it), and protein… all in equal amounts.” I suppose seeing how our burgers did not drip oil and grease all over our hands, he’s got a point there. Damo continued with a smirk “If you run everyday and have these burgers after that, you will definitely lose weight”.

Andrews Hamburgers 7134Andrews Hamburgers 2 “Hawaiian” – egg, tomato, cheese, pineapple, beetroot $10

The Hawaiian was an option hidden in one obscure corner of the board. Once the guy described the ingredients, I leapt onto it. This was a good, solid burger. Everything married well with each other and I really enjoyed the patty’s chargrilled flavour. The beetroot and pineapple gave it a nice juiciness and sweet counterpoint.

What I’m going to say next is probably going to make me lose credibility as a food blogger. As I sank my teeth into the combination of pineapple, beetroot, cooked onions and cheese… it created an interesting compound of flavours that (very briefly) reminded me of… durians!

Andrews Hamburgers 7155

I’m glad I paid Andrew’s Hamburgers a second visit, because I’m quite in love with the deliciousness of “The Hawaiian”. When it comes to burgers, I have only really eaten at Grill’d and Huxtaburger.

The burgers at Huxtaburger are smaller, with really soft brioche buns, and they drip grease like crazy all over your hands. As for Grill’d, I like their big juicy burgers but am not as fond of the idea of them being a chain of stores.

Andrew’s Hamburgers sits at a happy traditional equilibrium, with good, solid burgers of a decent size. And while the patties aren’t as juicy as those at Grill’d, you get a wonderful chargrilled flavour that other burger joints lack. I’m quite keen on coming back for more, and if Damo and I keep up with our plans to run the lake, I foresee many revisits.

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