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Percy’s Aeroplane

96 Denmark St
Kew, VIC 3101
03 9939 7642
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Today, we visit a couple of Ashley’s favourite places in her hood. Ashley is a fellow food blogger that I brunch with quite frequently.

Percys Aeroplane 04

I loved the front section of this café. Woody, cosy yet also a little contemporary. Pity we had to be seated at the back because we had a biggish group of five.

Percys Aeroplane 03

Whimsically themed, Percy holds little bursts of Ashley’s favourite colour – yellow. I should learn how to decorate my home so brightly, it brings a smile to my heart.

Percys Aeroplane 01Soy chai latte $5.00 / Piccolo $3.50

Ashley thinks Percy serves really good chais. Fakegf had a pot and agreed… it had a nice level of spice with the perfect amount of sweetness.

As for the coffees, Percy’s house blend piccolo (Columbia, Brazil, India & PNG) tasted safe, roasty and a touch metallic. I also had a Peruvian single origin piccolo, which was more robust but again held similar metallic notes. The flavour profile reminded me of Coffee Supreme beans. I prefer my coffees brighter.

Percys Aeroplane 02Corn fritters, avocado salsa & tomato vinaigrette $14.00
Pilot’s Breakfast – Fried eggs, bacon, chorizo, mushrooms, spinach & roast tomato on toast $18.00

It’s funny how I can predict, with good accuracy, which of my friends will order what. Ashley and Allan both had the corn fritters, while Brad (Ashley’s partner) went with the all-rounder ‘big breakfast’. I think they were all pretty satisfied. The fritters had popcorn!

Percys Aeroplane 06Thyme infused mushrooms on toast, smashed avocado, lime dressing, dukkah, creamy goats cheese & a poached egg $16.50

Fakegf chose well. The sample I had of her dish tasted mighty delicious and I had to bottle up a big gush of brunch envy.

Percys Aeroplane 05Tortilla rancheros – baked chorizo, white bean stew w poached egg & crusty bread $16.00

With my brunch choice, the dish’s name misled me somewhat. I was hoping to see some Mexican flatbread action because of the word ‘tortilla’. But in Spanish, a tortilla is an omelette-like egg dish with added ingredients.

Confusion aside, I’m a fan of baked eggs anyway! I thought this dish was alright. The eggs were cooked nicely but the beans were on the salty side and the dish overall could’ve been spicier.

Percys Aeroplane 5405French fruit toast w spiced blueberries, mascarpone cream, almonds & maple syrup $12.90

A customary dessert dish for the whole table to share. At first glance, it looked wet with syrup. But to my surprise, the dish wasn’t too sweet! It was fruity, well-balanced, with delightful hints of spice. Very nice.

Percys Aeroplane 5403

I think I drew the short straw with my brunch dish selection that day, but all the other dishes were good. If you’re here, I’d suggest you try their lovely chais too. You might also want to read Ashley’s post about this visit to get her perspective.


8-10 Railway Parade
Camberwell, VIC 3124
03 9831 1400
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Coffeehead 5415

Since we’re in the neighbourhood, Fakegf and I set off to explore another Ashley-recommended place for our coffee fix. Ashley previously blogged about it here.

Coffeehead 5426

Coffeehead is a roastery, coffee retail store, and café. While most cafés are faithful to just one coffee roaster, here they offer beans from many different roasteries. That day, we could choose from Wide Open Road, Delany, Social Roasting Company, Padre and Cafenatics. They retail even more varieties of beans, including some from my favourite specialty roasters, like Proud Mary.

Coffeehead 3Single Origin Kenyan Nyeri Kijiji by Cafenatics (roasted in-house) $4.50

Fakegf’s Kenyan piccoloblew me away. I only had two sips, but just from that small sample, bright notes kept coming and coming in from the crema!

It was a very fruity and floral coffee with an acidic zing of lime. Delicious! I love African beans because they’re so wildly botanical when roasted and extracted by the right hands.

Unfortunately, Fakegf couldn’t taste all that and just found it robust…

Coffeehead 5419Wide Open Road Bathysphere Blend $3.50

I also liked my piccolo, although I think Wide Open Road’s beans tend to hold odd undertones of grape-flavoured bubble gum, and this drink confirmed that. Still, my drink was very pleasing. It was fruity with dark hints of blackberries.Coffeehead 2

Coffeehead also has a decent brunch menu with interesting dishes such as pulled pork tacos, pomegranate cured ocean trout, and a breakfast quesadilla. Camberwell isn’t close to my home, but I think this place is worth a revisit.