Cumulus Inc. (Breakfast)

45 Flinders Ln
Melbourne, VIC 3000
03 9650 1445

A food blog visit is essentially a snapshot in time. The food, service, vibe and other variables constantly changes… and it depends on which day you visit, when, and with whom.

Cumulus Inc 4

Take Cumulus, for instance. This is how it’s like 10am on a Tuesday. A bit of a gentleman’s club, eh?

Cumulus Inc 0

Everybody’s probably pretty familiar with this restaurant in Melbourne’s CBD. Most of us visit during lunch and dinner, feasting on Andrew McConnell’s share-plate focussed Modern Australian menu. The restaurant is open everyday from 7-8am till late. They don’t take bookings unless the group is large, so wait times can be prohibitive.

To be honest, I’m a little bored with the share-plate concept that’s taken Melbourne by storm. Yes, the ingredients are exciting and you’re taken on a taste journey with each dish. But sometimes I prefer simple, less cerebral food… like breakfast. Hence this visit.

So how does a modern, cutting-edge restaurant handle brunch fare? Let’s find out.

Cumulus Inc 1Chai latte 4.5

Knowing that Cumulus isn’t a brunch-specific café or specialty roastery, I decided to have chai rather than coffee since I can be really finicky with my coffees. Fakegf has had the coffees here before and wasn’t excited. We had our caffeine fix somewhere else after this breakfast.

My chai was okay, I guess… mildly spicy. I liked the smoky flavour of the accompanying jar of leatherwood honey.

Cumulus Inc 6364Cumulus Inc 6391Poached apples & quince w almond milk 12

Fakegf’s breakfast was beautiful. Light, simple, good and fresh. I found the pastel colours comforting and the flavours clean. The almond milk was curiously thick but it wasn’t sweet and went really well with the fruit and nuts.

Cumulus Inc 2Wagyu corned beef & gruyere toasted sandwich w tomato relish 15

I chose a heavier breakfast, of course. It was mustardy, cheesy and hearty with amazing pickles. But I must say I wasn’t feeling all that ravenous that morning, so I envied fakegf’s lighter, fruity breakfast.

At the same time, Fakegf had a nibble and loved everything about my breakfast. So we swapped our breakfasts halfway, and the mix of both dishes in our tummies turned out perfect!

Cumulus Inc 6374

So that was a case of mutual brunch envy. I really really like how we were comfortable enough with each other to admit it and happily swap dishes. In terms of palate synchronisation, Fakegf and I pair up very well as eating companions.

Cumulus Inc 3Madeleine filled w lemon curd 2.5ea (15 min.)

We ended breakfast with these luscious freshly baked madeleines. The 15min wait time meant they’re made to order, and it was such a treat consuming them still warm. Fakegf is a big fan of the madeleines here.

Cumulus Inc 6376

I am normally very nit-picky with Melbourne’s top ten restaurants on Urbanspoon. Fortunately, Cumulus Inc. (ranked no. 5) actually satisfied. It’s good that they even do breakfasts well. We felt a little out of place amongst the suited up work-day crowd. But in typical Melbourne fashion, no one noticed. Thats what I love about this city.

I’ve also visited Andrew McConnell’s other ventures: Cutler & Co., Golden Fields.

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