The Maling Room

206 Canterbury Rd
Canterbury, VIC 3126
03 9836 9889

How wet has it been? And so cooold! Yes, Summer kept tiptoeing back on us during April, but once it’s decided to go on permanent vacation… BAM!! Winter swoops in, early and wet! This is the first year since I’ve migrated here where I actually used an umbrella.

The Maling Room 5178

Fakegf is the biggest biggest fan of the coffees at Red Door Corner Store in Northcote. We’ve revisited several times since my initial blog visit. Quality is consistent, and your cups come deeply robust with a delightful crema fragrance that makes you go “Yeah Baby!”. I must say that if you want to try a great example of a magic (double ristretto 3/4 flat white), Red Door does it perfectly. The beans are roasted at The Maling Room, hence today’s pilgrimage.

The café sits within the the historical framework of an old post office. Fit-out feels traditional, high ceilinged and woody. Even on that wet Autumn Tuesday, it was quite bustly inside and the acoustics was a little echoey.

The Maling Room 03Barista Latte (Ethiopian Yirgacheffe) $3.6, Piccolo (Brazil Boa Vista Encruzihada) $3.6

We went to the business of coffees very quickly. We had four cups in total, all of them hit the spot. Very rare. My single origin piccolo from Brazil tasted rich and chocolatey with rounded flavours. Fakegf’s single origin Ethiopian barista latte was stunning to drink. Rich, deep and lovely with a hint of cinnamon spice and a sweet finish.

We were surprised that the single origin coffees here could be so deep in flavour. Because they’re not in a blend, single origin beans tend to create a weaker, less rounded cup. But here, they’re still robust. I believe the barista latte listed on the menu here is essentially the same drink as a magic. But it’s a better sounding name… if I may add.

The Maling Room 01Croque Monsieur – grilled sandwich w mushroom, spinach, aged cheddar & bechamel sauce $9.5

Brunch fare here is simple and straightforward. Fakegf got a vegetarian Croque Monsieur and, in the spirit of being uncomplicated, she said it was nice.

The Maling Room 02Smoked salmon, avocado, beetroot relish, rocket, dill cream cheese & scrambled eggs $17.0

While this dish was cooked and served simply and without much prettying up, it had all the components that I enjoy having for brunch. The use of dill cream cheese, slathered over the toast, was an interesting twist. Portions were generous and it certainly hit my hunger spot. In fact, I am ashamed to say this, but this dish… I ate it like King Kong! ROOOAAR!! I wonder if anybody stared at me…

The Maling Room 04

We ended our brunch with another round of coffees. There were three single origins to choose from, so this time I tried the 3rd option, the El Salvador Finca Suiza as a barista latte (magic). Again, I found it delicious and interesting… with hints of dark cherries. Fakegf got the Houseblend piccolo, which she thought was a touch milky but with that familiar chocolatey sweetness of a cup from Red Door.

The Maling Room 5185

The brunch fare at The Maling Room is uncomplicated, but the dishes satisfies the hungry… isn’t that what counts? However, the winning feature of this roastery and cafe is its coffee. Each cup tastes robust, delicious and interesting. I really enjoy cups of coffee that make you think! This is a place I will return to for coffees if I’m venturing in the east.

If you’re a coffee enthusiast in Melbourne, you’ll probably know about beans from the usual suspects like Proud Mary, Seven Seeds, Axil, Market Lane, Small Batch. Well, I suggest you add The Maling Room to the list. All these are the beans from coffee roasters that I enjoy drinking. Care to share with me your favourite coffee roasters?

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