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435 Elizabeth St
Melbourne, VIC 3000
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While I’m in the middle of the Live Below The Line challenge, I think it’s only prudent that I avoid releasing posts covering fancy meals. Hence this post. But did we find this meal enjoyable? Hell yeah!

Rose Garden 02

Rose Garden is probably the first eatery I dined at in Melbourne back when I was a student. That would be more than a decade ago, so we go back a long way. I remember walking in, famished… sitting at a table by myself, and forking out $4.80 for roast duck on rice. That, inside my Singaporean international student’s mind, was pricey. But the portions were very big, and really it was just about the cheapest meal you can find in Melbourne then. Now in 2012, prices has gone up and most of the one dish meals here go in the region of $9, which is considered cheap now!

Fakegf and I decided to visit to our old haunt last week. We may have been students in Melbourne over different eras, but somehow we’ve discovered Rose Garden independently. We each have our favourite (can’t-go-past) dishes that has never disappointed us over the years, but neither of us has ever sampled the other’s favourite dish. So tonight, it would be dish swap night!

Rose Garden 01梅菜火鸭丝炒饭 Fried lice with shredded duck and preserved veggies $9.80

*Chuckle*… the pun was intended. I find it impossible to pronounce this dish in Mandarin, every time Fakegf says it, I can’t catch it. So I have more or less renamed this dish as “blah blah rice”. The dish arrived shockingly quick! I swear it was less than a minute after I ordered that it arrived. I must’ve ordered just as they were frying a batch.

I normally don’t like ordering fried rice as a one dish meal. To me, fried rice always feels like it should be something people share along with accompanying support dishes. But this mountain of fried rice was dee-li-cious! Too easy to wipe the plate clean, and I think it was the preserved veggies that gave it that added umami fragrance.

Rose Garden 04椒盐鸡扒饭 Spicy chicken ribs on rice $9.00

Fakegf tried my old favourite dish of deep fried spicy chicken ribs on rice. Needless to say, it also did not disappoint. Our palates, when it comes to Asian food, are synced quite closely. And this swap of our favourite Rose Garden dishes proves that point. The chicken pieces were fried really crisply and they were free from being too oily. And that dry-type of chilli sauce that’s used to season the dish is just so incredibly moreish.

Rose Garden BBQ Shop 5630

I’m glad to say that Rose Garden has remained very affordable through the decades and I’ll still come back here for simple, unfettered comfort meals. Nothing much has changed about this place. The dishes still taste great and I think the tables, chairs, signages and everything have more or less stayed the same.

Fakegf and I have now spotted more dishes on the top 10 list that looks quite appealing. Next time, we will both step out of our comfort zones and sample other dishes from the huge menu.

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