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Newport, VIC 3015
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I’ve been writing quite a number of rather heated posts lately. Overrated food, shocking attitude… sigh… I’m not sure why they are coming all at once. Makes me sound like such a high maintenance, hard-to-please foodie. Noooo not true!!

But I have a cure —> brunch posts!

I mean… it’s so hard to screw up brunches, really. Seat us somewhere bright and cheery, make the coffees drinkable, use the right breads, don’t overcook the eggs and my write-up comes out like a fairy tale.

I love brunches! The spirit of it… its relaxed feel, the bright, friendly smiles, and its laissez faire social nature.

Pint Of Milk 00

 I made a pact with Lachy that we’d check out The Pint Of Milk together, but that never eventuated. So my first encounter with this café happened as a curiosity stopover with Cousin Trouble & Co. (visitors from Singapore) after we’d already brunched at The Duchess. The café was down-to-earth, timber-filled and homely. I was asking for permission to take photos when suddenly the waitress said “you’re Fatboo, right?”. Whoops! I’ve been spotted!!

Pint Of Milk 01

For that first visit, we had coffees, juices and shared a plate of ricotta hotcakes with peanut butter parfait between the four of us. I’ll have to say that it was superb!

Pint Of Milk 03Pint Of Milk 04

A revisit ensued not long after cousin trouble left Melbourne, this time with Fakegf on Labor Day. Our plan was to have a lazy brunch and then go for a walk along the water’s edge on this side of town. We chose to sit outside.

Pint Of Milk 05Magic 3.5 / Chai 4.5

Fakegf had a magic, which she thought was alright. The beans are from Gridlock Coffee.

I went with a chai, which arrived unsweetened in a decorative metal pot. My drink had a pleasant level of spice, but I wished it also came with a small jar of honey on the side so that I did not have to use a packet of granulated sugar. In the end, I actually stole some of the maple syrup from the ricotta hotcakes to sweeten my chai, that gave my drink an unusual twist!

Pint Of Milk 06Scrambled eggs on toast 8

There are days where I don’t want any fancy-pants dishes from a café’s menu. Just make me good scrambled eggs and I’m happy. What came out was spot-on perfect. Good, fresh eggs that were cooked to a moist, fluffy and light texture, still hot and steaming my sunnies…

Pint Of Milk 4203Ricotta hotcakes with peanut butter parfait, grilled banana & walnut brittle 15

Fakegf couldn’t go past the ricotta hotcakes, having read from other food blogs how wonderful it was. I supported her decision. She wasn’t disappointed. In fact, halfway though brunch, she exclaimed that it was “AMAZEBALLS!!”. I helped her out too and had a fair share of this dish, turning me into a happybellyboo… *pats tummy*

Pint Of Milk 02

Here’s an encore picture of said hotcakes, as devoured by Trouble & Co. on our first visit. I love how brunching can be such a simple (and affordable) life pleasure. Come to this side of town for them hotcakes, if not for anything else!

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