The Banff

145 Fitzroy St
St Kilda, VIC 3182
03 9525 3899

Banff 0542

The Banff brings memories back to my Melbourne beginnings. Back then, a friend took me here and introduced me to the (weekday / off-peak) $5.50 pizzas. He got me to try the pizza with squid, capers, rocket and chilli…. and it was WOWZERS!! It’s also $2 pots between 3-6pm everyday. For those of you who don’t work Monday to Friday or have a mid-week RDO (like me), this can be a really cheap but pleasant place to have pizzas and beer.

The Banff c3

Fakegf just spontaneously developed cheap-and-cheery pizza cravings one evening, and rather than brave the mad throng of people at Bimbo’s in Fitzroy (which I haven’t tried), I took her to The Banff. I really like the dark, European, and casual ambience inside the eatery. And on warm days, there’s plenty of outdoor seating for you to sit and enjoy the colourful thoroughfare along Fitzroy St. . The system is simple. Order and pay at the counter, specify whether you’re sitting inside or outside, and take a number to your table. The food normally arrives pretty quick.

The Banff c1Mushroom ragu with mozzarella $8.9

The Banff c2Squid with lemon, rocket & capers $8.9 .

Three guesses who had what? Fakegf of course had the more ‘vegetarian’ mushroom and mozzarella option. But the more popular pizza was of course my good ‘ol pal: the squid and its jolly good friends. Still pretty satisfying, although it seems chilli no longer features in that pizza on the menu, so it packs less punch now. Fakegf also mentioned that the crust itself could be crispier, and I agreed that on that visit, the pizzas came out of the oven just a touch too soon. They were on the pale side…

The Banff c4

Even at full price, this meal cost us about $10 each. Makes it easy to forgive the slightly undercooked pizzas. Also makes it easy to want to come back. But for me, I think the main pull-back factor is the breezy, outdoorsy, pleasant feel I’d normally get whenever I dine there.

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