Salford Lads Club

Cnr Bridge & Fennell
St Port Melbourne, VIC 3207
03 8534 9957

If you’re anything like me, you’d be eating all over the city you’re living in… except in your own neighbourhood! I wonder what’s the deal with that? Why can’t I be that grounded fellow, comfortable with staying home more and then strolling leisurely to his local eating places for a bite? There are many places in my hood that I’m curious to try but just don’t seem to visit.

Salford Lads Club 05

All that said, Salford Lads Club is located in the more industrial sector of Port Melbourne and won’t be that pleasant a walk from my home. But speaking of walks, I’ve discovered a pathway to a secret spot under the West Gate Bridge, where you can take a punt across the river to Spotswood! (Oh hello, Duchess!) I’m a very big fan of walking everywhere these days. And one day, I plan to walk from this side of the bay, take the punt, and walk to Williamstown!

Salford Lads Club 3772

This brunch spot has been on my wishlist for the longest time, but I always seemed to prioritise it lower than brunch places in other suburbs, thinking I could always visit anytime since it’s so close by.

I ended up lunching there by myself on a Wednesday last year, and really enjoyed the dish I had. Months later, I had an 8 hour layover in Melbourne between travel from Sydney to Singapore. I seized that little pocket of time to finally brunch at Salford Lads Club with fakegf before quickly going home to repack for my onward journey.

Salford Lads Club 07

The café has got a rather breathtaking fit-out. And I like its god-forsaken location, surrounded by factories and plants. The interior makes you think of gutted-out warehouses with biking and skateboarding paraphernalia, quirky cabin ‘windows’ and a gated wrought-iron frontage. A tree swing at its entrance completes the picture.

Salford Lads Club 02Coffees by Coffee Supreme – flat white & piccolo

Those of you who’ve been reading my journey should know that I’m not that excited about Coffee Supreme. My initial tasting notes from a piccolo I had on first visit said “initial crema zest then tasted typical Coffee Supreme: medium smooth and medium dark choc, mild clean metallics”.  I leave it up to you to interpret that.

On my second visit with fakegf, she did not like her piccolo, while I’d rationalised that perhaps Coffee Supreme might taste better as a flat white. My flat white tasted o-kay, but when fakegf had a sip, she commented that she could only taste milk.

Salford Lads Club 01Salmon, soba noodles, caramelised lime

But the food here is pretty good. This was the lunch dish that I had when I came here by myself, it was beautiful. The salmon had crisp outsides with a good dusting of paprika and other spices, and to my delight, the centre was still moist and undercooked. The soba gave a cool and refreshing counterpoint to the warmth of the fish. And I’m all for using limes rather than lemons, it makes a difference!

Salford Lads Club 03Mexican baked eggs w mozzarella & jalapeños $15

Fakegf had this, I’m glad the jalapeños were served on the side. We both liked this dish. I thought it tasted quite reminiscent of a lasagne.

Salford Lads Club 06

On the slightly funnier side, fakegf has this strange phobia of jagung (Malay: corn). The baked eggs had corn in it, so she quite meticulously picked each and every kernel out of the dish. She’s a very neat eater, while my eating patterns is a lot more chaotic, like a gorilla.

Salford Lads Club 04Egg white omelette w mushrooms, spinach and goats cheese $14

This dish intrigued me because I’ve never had an omelette with just egg whites. I couldn’t really pick out the difference. I thought this dish was quite alright but it is not something I’d order again.

Salford Lads Club 3767

To sum things up, I think I’m happy to return here for lunch rather than brunch. It’s a nice, relaxed spot with great ambience and an interesting lunch menu. That’s probably why the place fills up quite quickly with a working lunch crowd from the surrounding buildings.

Currently, Salford Lads Club is a cash-only place, and they are not open on Sundays.

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